Awards and Prizes

Academic benefits & opportunities

Collier Prize in Ancient Numismatics

Applications are due by June 30th, 2023. 

Est. 2020

The Collier Prize is a substantial monetary prize awarded biennially to the best single or multi-authored book, catalogue, or online digital work in the field of ancient numismatics (650 BCE to 300 CE).

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Chairman’s Fellowships for Numismatic Research

Est. 2023

The ANS awards a limited number of fellowships each year to qualified graduate students or scholars pursuing serious numismatic research projects expected to result in academic publication.

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Donald Groves Fund for Publication in Early American Numismatics

Est. 1984

The Donald Groves fund supports researchers pursuing the publication of critical research related to United States numismatics up to the Civil War, or any predecessor colonies up to 1800. This includes materials produced by or for the United States, such as medals and paper money.

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Recognizing contributions to the field of numismatics

Archer M. Huntington Award

Est. 1918

The Huntington Award is conferred annually in recognition of outstanding career contributions to numismatic scholarship.

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J. Sanford Saltus Award

Est. in 1913; first awarded in 1919

The Saltus Award honors artists for distinguished achievement in the field of the art of the medal.

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Burnett Anderson Memorial Award

Est. 1999

The Burnett Anderson Award is in recognition of excellence in numismatic writing, awarded jointly with the American Numismatic Association and with the participation of the Numismatic Literary Guild.

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Rick Beleson and Syd Martin at the 2020 Annual Gala Dinner

ANS Trustees’ Award

Est. 2012

The ANS Trustees’ award honors those who have helped in extraordinary ways to forward the mission of the American Numismatic Society.

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Distinguished Service Award

Est. 2012

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes volunteers who have dedicated their time and expertise to the ANS.

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Chairman’s Medal

Est. 2021

The Chairman’s medal is awarded for service to the American Numismatic Society.

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