About the ANS

The American Numismatic Society is an organization dedicated to the study of coins, currency, medals, tokens, and related objects from all cultures, past and present. The Society's headquarters in New York City has the foremost research collection and library specialized in numismatics in the United States. These resources are used to support research and education in numismatics, for the benefit of academic specialists, serious collectors, professional numismatists, and the interested public.

ANS Calendar Upcoming Events          New Visiting Hours
      • Fri. Jan. 22 Long Table, Vault Favorites with Dr. Van Alfen
      • Fri. Jan. 29 Long Table, Numismatic Department at the Vatican Library, Dr. Eleonora Giampiccol
      • Sat. Jan. 30 Money Talks: Dutch Medals of the Golden Age
      • Fri. Feb. 5 Long Table, Man-Faced Bull Iconography, Nicholas Molinari
      • Mon. Feb. 17 President's Day (ANS Closed)
      • Sat Feb. 27 Money Talks: The Question of Gold in Fourth-Century Egypt, Irene Soto