The dedication and support of our members enables the ANS to undertake a wide range of projects, from continuing digitization of our holdings, to the publication of journals, magazines, and thousands of pages of scholarship each year, to lectures by renowned curators at venues around the globe. The diversity of these activities testifies to the broad range of interests voiced by our members and pursued by our staff.

Member Benefits:

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Individual Memberships:

$60 - $80 Students must provide valid current student ID from an accredited educational institution.

Basic and Full Student Memberships

$90 Does not include a subscription to the AJN.

Basic Dues (AJN not included)

$110 For the premier Full Associate membership.

Yearly Full Associate Dues

$115 USD For members outside the continental U.S.

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Lifetime membership in the ANS is just $6,000.
$6,000 USD

Lifetime membership discounted for members over 60 is $2,750.

$2,750 USD

Lifetime membership for members outside the U.S. is $10,000 USD.

$10,000 USD

Membership Dues for Fellows of the ANS:

$125 Fellows of the ANS must be elected by the Board of Trustees.

Fellow Dues

$140 USD Fellows outside of the continental U.S.

Foreign Fellow Dues

Lifetime Dues for Elected Fellows are $8,000.

$8,000 USD

Institutional Memberships:

$180 Library Associate, for University Libraries and other institutions of higher learning.

Library Associate Dues

$765 Corporate Associate, for corporations and businesses.

Corporate Associate Dues

Augustus B. Sage Society:

$2,500 Augustus B. Sage Society, a special group of our most dedicated members.

$ 2,500 USD