Summer Seminar 2011

The 2011 Graduate Seminar (left to right): (back) Stephanie Craven, Nathaniel Ralston; (middle) David Schwei, Rick Witschonke, Katarzyna Lach, David Wigg-Wolf (Visiting Scholar), James Fishburne; (front) Corey Ellithorpe, Gilles Bransbourg, Henry Colburn

Program Co-Directors
Peter van Alfen Margaret Thompson Associate Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
Rick Witschonke Curatorial Associate, ANS
Visiting Scholar in Residence
David Wigg-Wolf German Archaeological Institute
Michael Bates Curator Emeritus, ANS
Gilles Bransbourg Assistant Curator of Roman Coins, ANS
Kevin Butcher Department of Classics and Ancient History, Warwick University
Sarah Cox Fortuna Fine Arts Gallery
Peter Donovan Curatorial Associate, ANS
Nathan Elkins Yale University Numismatic Collection
Jane DeRose Evans Professor of Ancient Art and Archaeology, Temple University
Elizabeth Hahn Librarian, ANS
Sebastian Heath Research Scientist, ANS
David Hendin Adjunct Curator, ANS
Robert Hoge Curator of North American Coins and Currency, ANS
Arthur Houghton Former President and Honorary Trustee, ANS
Paul T. Keyser Research Scientist, IBM
John Kleeberg Former Curator of Modern Coins, ANS
Constantin Marinescu Fortuna Fine Arts Gallery
Andrew Meadows Deputy Director, ANS
William E. Metcalf Ben Lee Damsky Curator of Coins and Medals, Yale University Art Gallery
Daniel Pett Department of Portable Antiquities & Treasure, British Museum
Alan Roche Photographer, ANS
Kenneth Sheedy Director of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney
Mark Tomasko Engraving Historian and Collector
Peter van Alfen Margaret Thompson Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
Paolo Visonà Scholar in Residence, University of Kentucky, Lexington
Ted Withington Volunteer, ANS
Rick Witschonke Curatorial Associate, ANS
Liv Mariah Yarrow Department of Classics, Brooklyn College, City University of New York
Henry Colburn University of Michigan
Stephanie Craven University of Texas, Austin
Corey Ellithorpe University of Arizona, Tuscon
James Fishburne University of California, Los Angeles
Katarzyna Lach Jagiellonian University, Krakow
Nathaniel Ralston Graduate Center of the City University of New York
David Schwei University of Cincinnati

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