Money Talks | Wine & Coins

Wine & Coins
with Alex Conison, Guest Speaker & Wine Expert, and Curators: Peter van Alfen, Gilles Bransbourg, Lucia Carbone, & David Hendin
Saturday, December 16, 2017 | 1:00 – 5:00 pm

With Wine Tasting: Members $100, Non-Members $125
Without Wine Tasting: Members $50, Non-Members $75


On Saturday, December 16, Join Alex Conison—PhD from the University of Michigan on the Ancient Roman wine trade and current Brand Manager of Josh Cellars, one of America’s premium wine brands—and curators Peter van Alfen, Gilles Bransbourg, Lucia Carbone, and David Hendin for a history of wine and coins. One of the foremost components of the nectar that the Olympians drank to preserve their immortality, wine was sacred to the ancient Greeks and associated, through Dionysus (Bacchus for the Romans), with theater and poetry. Wine plays a major ritual role in Judaism as well, grapes, vines and amphoras being represented at different stages of Jewish ancient coinage, to the extent that Greeks and Romans believed Jews had a cult of Dionysus. Then, in the modern period, wine and grapes have resurfaced mostly on tokens designed to promote wine brands. Coins of Greece, the Attalids, Rome, Judaea, and modern tokens from France, the US and Britain will be presented along side a selection of wines linked to these locations and their ancient winemaking traditions.

Limited Space available. Please RSVP to Emma Pratte at or 212-571-4470.