Summer Seminar 2019

The 2019 Graduate Seminar (left to right): Yih-chuen Liao, Georgios Tsolakis, Tal Ish-Shalom, Gregory Thompson, Evi Markou, Tine Rassalle, Anna Accettola, Zineb Askaoui, Joshua Benjamins.

The 2019 Graduate Seminar:

Program Director
Peter van Alfen Chief Curator, ANS
Visiting Scholar in Residence
Evangeline Markou National Hellenic Research Foundation
Michael Bates Curator Emeritus, ANS
Gilles Bransbourg Deputy Director, ANS
Peter Donovan Volunteer, ANS
Sebastian Heath Clinical Assistant Professor of Ancient Studies, ISAW
David Hill Librarian, ANS
Robert Hoge Curator Emeritus, ANS
Paul Keyser Research Scientist, Google
Eric M. Krauss Curatorial Associate, ANS
Selene Psoma Associate Professor of Ancient History, University of Athens
Andrew Reinhard Director of Publications, ANS
Alan Roche Photographer, ANS
Peter van Alfen Margaret Thompson Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
François Velde Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Lucia Carbone Assistant Curator
Ute Wartenberg Kagan Executive Director, ANS
Ted Withington Volunteer, ANS
David Yoon Associate Curator, ANS
Anna Accettola University of California-Los Angeles
Zineb Askaoui Boston University
Joshua Benjamins University of California-Berkeley
Tal Ish-Shalom Columbia University
Yih-chuen Liao New York University
Tine Rassalle University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Gregory Thompson Oxford University
Georgios Tsolakis New York University