Graduate Summer Seminar 1971

Program Director
Margaret Thompson Chief Curator, American Numismatic Society
Visiting Scholar in Residence
Jacqueline G. Lallemand Chief Curator of the Coin Cabinet, Bibliothèque royale de Belgique (Brussels, Belgium)
Michael L. Bates Assistant Curator of Islamic Coins, ANS
Jeremiah D. Brady Assistant Curator of Medieval Coins, ANS
Joan M. Fagerlie Curator of Roman and Byzantine Coins, ANS
Philip Grierson Reader in Mediaeval Numismatics, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England) /Professor of Numismatics and the History of Coinage, University of Brussels
Henry Grunthal Curator of European Coins, ANS
Hillel Kaslove Associate Curator of Modern Coins, ANS
Fred S. Kleiner Columbia University
George C. Miles Curator of Islamic Coins, ANS
Richard E. Mitchell Professor of History, University of Illinois
Eric P. Newman St. Louis, Missouri
Nancy M. Waggoner Assistant Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
Nerkis Akcora Columbia University
Levon Avdoyan Columbia University
Christopher T.H.R. Ehrhardt State University of New York at Buffalo
Timothy Gregory Pennsylvania State University
John C. Lawrenz Brandeis University
Richard L. McKee Alice Lloyd College
William E. Metcalf University of Michigan
Charles R. Morschek Bryn Mawr College
Theodore J. Rivers Fordham University