Graduate Summer Seminar 1960

Visiting Scholars in Residence
Patrick M. Bruun University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland)
Jacques Yvon Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris, France)
Howard L. Adelson Associate Editor, American Numismatic Society
Alfred R. Bellinger Yale University
William L. Clark Curator of Mediaeval and Modern Coins, ANS
Joachim E. Gaehde Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University
Henry Grunthal Assistant to the Chief Curator, ANS
R. Ross Holloway American Academy in Rome
Harald Ingholt Yale University
Tom B. Jones University of Minnesota
George L. Kustas University of Buffalo
Joseph R. Strayer Princeton University
Richard Brilliant Yale University
Zola Marie Clark Yale University
Edward Cohen Princeton University
Marueen A. Fennell Bryn Mawr College
Diantha Sibley Haviland Bryn Mawr College
Dawson Kiang Columbia University
Lydia Halle Lenaghan Bryn Mawr College
Edward M. Michael University of Michigan
William Armstrong Percy, Jr. Cornell University
Beryl M. Wilkinson Bryn Mawr College