Graduate Summer Seminar 1959

Visiting Scholars in Residence
Philip Grierson University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England)
Rudi Thomsen University of Aarhus (Aarhus, Denmark)
Howard L. Adelson Associate Editor, American Numismatic Society
Alfred R. Bellinger Yale University
Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. Yale University
William L. Clark Curator of Mediaeval and Modern Coins, ANS
Henry Grunthal Assistant to the Chief Curator, ANS
George L. Kustas University of Buffalo
Robert S. Lopez Yale University
George C. Miles Chief Curator, ANS
Joseph R. Strayer Princeton University
Sidney L. Cohen Yale University
Charles W. Fornara University of California
Donald Kagan Pennsylvania State University
Eugene N. Lane Yale University
Kenneth A. Luther Princeton University
Berard L. Marthaler University of Minnesota
Edwin P. Menes Princeton University
Betsey L. Ringler Bryn Mawr College
John W. Zarker University of Texas