Lucia Carbone

Dr. Lucia Carbone
Andrew M. Burnett Assistant Curator of Roman Numismatics

Dr. Lucia Carbone joined the American Numismatic Society in 2016 as Assistant Curator of Roman Coins. As an adjunct Professor at Columbia University, she taught Roman Numismatics, Latin, Greek, Roman history and Contemporary Civilization, both at college and high school levels. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of La Scuola d’Italia.


Dr. Carbone’s interests mainly revolve around the impact of Roman imperialism on the monetary and administrative systems of the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire between the second and first centuries BCE, in particular in the Province of Asia. Her first monograph, published in 2020, The Hidden Power: Late Cistophoric Production and the Organization of the Provincia Asia (128–89 BC), deals with the impact of Roman dominion on the pre-existing monetary system of the province of Asia. She has published on a variety of topics, including the difference between Roman and Greek ideas of sovereignty in the Provincia Asia (modern Turkey), Roman provincial control over the issue of silver civic coinage in Asia in the first century BCE, the introduction of Roman currencies in the East, the change of weight standards under Mark Antony, and Iberian lead tokens.

She is the scientific co-director of the Roman Republican Die Project, together with Prof. Liv Yarrow. Her next book, Coinage of the Roman Provinces before Provincial Coinage: The R.B. Witschonke Collection, is expected to be published in 2022.


Hidden Power: Late Cistophoric Production and the Organization of Provincia Asia (128–89 BC)

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