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The Roman Republican Die Project (RRDP) aims to provide URIs for each obverse and reverse die connected to Michael Crawford's Roman Republican Coinage (RRC, 1974) types published in Coinage of the Roman Republic Online. RRDP is based on Richard Schaefer’s archive of Roman Republican Dies, comprising more than 300,000 specimen images. The digitized version of Schaefer’s archive is available on ARCHER, the digital archives of the American Numismatic Society (see here).

Each die in RRDP is linked to specimens in SITNAM, a standalone specimen database for private materials or museum collections that have not already been published to the Linked Open Data ecosystem. Additionally, dies are linked, when applicable, to coins already published to CRRO from collections such as the American Numismatic Society, Bibliothèque nationale de France, and the Berlin Münzkabinett, as to avoid duplication of materials between Schaefer's archival records and canonical URIs published by holding institutions.

In an initial phase (January 2021–2022), RRDP will focus on the die transcription of Crawford types 336-392 (92-75 BCE). This chronological range has been chosen for its historical and numismatic relevance. This project has been undertaken under the scientific supervision of Lucia F. Carbone (ANS) and Liv M. Yarrow (Brooklyn College –CUNY – Graduate Center).

For more information on how to use these materials, see How to Use RRDP.

RRDP is made possible by stable numismatic identifiers and linked open data methodologies established by the project. Die data are made available with an Open Database License.


Arete Foundation

In November 2020, the Arete Foundation awarded RRDP $115,200 to complete the first phase of the project.

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