July 2019 eNews


There is still time to renew your membership!
Those of you who still need to renew for 2019 can quickly and easily do so at numismatics.org/membership. If you have any questions about your membership standing, contact Emma Pratte at membership@numismatics.org or 212-571-4470, ext. 117. 

Logo—ANA's Chicago World's Fair of Money
2019 World’s Fair of Money
Executive Director Ute Wartenberg, Deputy Director Gilles Bransbourg, and Membership Associate Emma Pratte will be attending the ANA’s 2019 World’s Fair of Money. Dr. Bransbourg will be giving a talk to the Numismatic Bibliomania Society Symposium about the ANS and our publishing policy, open access commitment, and recent and forthcoming projects. Catharine Lorber will also be awarded the prestigious International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) Book Prize for 2019 for Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire. We will be at booth 1347. If you would like to volunteer to help out at the table, please contact Emma at membership@numismatics.orgMore…


Three New Books Now Available for Pre-Order
The ANS has been hard at work on several new books for 2019. Three will go to the printer in August and will ship to readers in October with the possibility of up to five more titles ready by the end of the year. These are available for pre-order now:


The Nablus 1968 Hoard: A Study of Monetary Circulation in the Late Fourth and Early Third Centuries BCE Southern Levant
by Haim Gitler and Oren Tal with contributions by Arnold Spaer, Sylvia Hurter, Dana Ashkenazi, and Adin Stern (Numismatic Notes and Monographs 171)

Connections, Communities, and Coinage: The System of Coin Production in Southern Asia Minor, AD 218–276
by George Watson (Numismatic Studies 39)

The Early Antigonids: Coinage, Money, and the Economy
by Katerina Panagopoulou (Numismatic Studies 37). 

a gold medieval coin
Coinage and Economy of the Early Medieval Mediterranean
On September 26 and 27, 2019, the ANS and Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) will be hosting a conference organized by the Networks & Neighbors research group: Coinage and Economy of the Early Medieval Mediterranean

This colloquium will focus on the monetary economy of the Visigothic kingdom in its Mediterranean context. Participants will include specialists on Visigothic coinage, history, and archaeology as well as experts on the monetary economies of other parts of the early medieval

Mediterranean world. The conference will consist of a keynote seminar at BMCC on the evening of Thursday, September 26, followed by an all-day seminar at the ANS on Friday September 27.

Attendance is free, but space is limited for the all-day event on September 27. Pre-registration by September 1 is required, and we ask all pre-registrants to give a brief (one sentence) statement of their interest in the topic of the conference.

"Let Not the Small Things be Forgotten"
The Mid-Year Appeal is still on!
Thanks to your unwavering loyalty and generosity, we have been able to set an ambitious pace for 2019. Today we ask that you please consider making a donation to our Mid-Year Appeal so we can continue to build on the momentum we have gained so far. For all of you who have donated to the ANS this year, THANK YOU! Click here to donate.


The 2019 Summer Seminar has finished up
The Eric P. Newman Summer Seminar in Numismatics has wrapped for 2019. Through June and July, the group of students attended lectures by ANS curators, esteemed guests, and the Eric P. Newman Visiting Scholar Dr. Evangeline Markou of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Each year, the summer seminar concludes with student presentations and this year, topics included: The Autonomous Era Bronze Coinage of Sidon (111-46 BCE), Cursive Script Qirats, and Prosopographical Endeavors in Numismatics.

David Yoon on a Medieval Dig
Associate Curator David Yoon recently returned from Italy, where he is part of a team excavating a medieval site on the island of Stromboli. The medieval coin finds from this project through 2016 have already been published in the AJN.

The ANS and the Social Networks and Archival Context
In early July, 135 people and corporate bodies from the ANS Archives were integrated into a project by the University of Virginia and the National Archives—Social Networks and Archival Context. This project aims to create unique identifiers on the web for the persons, families, and corporate bodies related to international archives and includes biographical information about each entity and links to resources housed in a wide variety of institutions. The 135 ANS entities have been connected to SNAC and supplemented with biographies from our collection and links to digital archival or library holdings in Archer and the ANS Digital Library, which broadens access to these resources to historians, genealogists, etc. For example, see the record of Edward T. Newell.

The Third Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School
AKMED Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School is an intensive two-week program, taught by ANS Chief Curator Dr. Peter van Alfen and Professor Dr. Oğuz Tekin of Koç University AKMED. Taking place this year from July 8–19, it gave students an introduction to Greek, Roman, and Byzantine numismatics (c. 650 BC–AD 1453) and offered them the tools to apply numismatics to their studies in the fields of archaeology, history and art history. More…

Bibliothèque Nationale Coins added to PCO
On July 24, more than 600 Ptolemaic coins from the Bibliothèque nationale de France were added to the Ptolemaic Coins Online (PCO) project. These coins, representing the gold and silver types of Ptolemy I to Ptolemy IV from Catharine Lorber’s 2018 Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire Vol. 1, Part 1, are photographed and available at high resolution under Public Domain Licenses. Sixty percent of the nearly 1,000 types in PCO are linked to at least one photographed specimen.

Ethan Gruber at the
World Heritage Gazetteer workshop
Ethan Gruber attended the World Heritage Gazetteer workshop in Pittsburgh, PA from July 20-21. The World Heritage Gazetteer is an umbrella site of geographic place names from many different time periods and regions. One of the core datasets for this aggregation is the Pleiades Gazetteer of Ancient Places, with whom Nomisma.orhas been affiliated since 2012. Gruber was present to discuss data interchange standards between different Linked Open Data geographic projects.