January 2019 eNews


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The ANS Acquires the Del Bland Archive

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the vast archive of research data assembled by United States large cent expert Del Bland. By the end of his life, he had produced almost 300 large ring binders (weighing some 900 lbs.) on the condition, sale prices, and ownership of large cents. With the exception of sections redacted by request, all of the materials will be made available on April 1, 2019. More…

Money talks 19 16-9
February “Money Talks”

On February 9, Chief Curator Dr. Peter van Alfen invites members and friends of the ANS to the first “Money Talks” of 2019, which will feature an introduction to Hellenistic Greek coinage and a good look at arguably some of the most beautiful coins in the collection. Touching on some of the current problems in Hellenistic numismatics and scholarship, Dr. van Alfen will use the ANS’s resources—online with Hellenistic Royal Coinages and in print with the new Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire— to help participants gain a better understanding of Hellenistic Greek coinages. More…

PCO is Now Live

Ptolemaic Coins Online (PCO) (numismatisc.org/pco) is a new research tool intended to provide wide access to the coins listed in the print volumes of Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire by Catharine C. Lorber, the first attempt to provide a new, comprehensive standard typology and catalog for the coinage produced by the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt since Ioannis Svoronos’s Τα νομίσματα του κράτους των Πτολεμαίων (Coins of the Ptolemiac State) published in 1904–1908. More…

The Metcalf Festschrift has Arrived!

Concordia Disciplinarum: Essays on Ancient Coinage, History, and Archaeology in Honor of William E. Metcalf (Numismatic Studies 38) is here and ready to order. The Festschrift, edited by Dr. Nathan Elkins and Dr. Jane DeRose Evans, contains 20 new papers mostly on ancient Roman coinage by Metcalf’s colleagues. Click here to learn more and to purchase.

2019 Summer Seminar Applications Due February 22

Since 1952, the ANS has held a summer program offering students the opportunity to work hands-on with one of the world‘s preeminent numismatic collections. We are now currently accepting applications for the 65th Annual Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics, to be held from June 3–July 26, 2019. Applications are due on February 22. More…

It’s Time to Subscribe to JEAN Again!

Make sure to subscribe now for JEAN’s sophomore year! Since 1960, The Colonial Newsletter has published studies focusing on the study of the coinages produced by the states during the Confederation period of the United States. In 2018 we expanded the focus to include all of the Americas and converted it to 240-page journal, creating the Journal of Early American Numismatics. Subscribe for 2019 now.

Jewish Coins of the Second Temple Period

On Wednesday, February 27, 3:30 pm ANS Vice-President David Hendin will be giving a talk at Stern College. More…

Caravans of Gold
Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange across Medieval Saharan Africa

The ANS sent a number of coins on to The Block Museum at Northwestern University as a part of Caravans of Gold—the first major exhibition addressing the scope of Saharan trade and the shared history of West Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe from the eighth to sixteenth centuries. The exhibition showcases the objects and ideas that connected at the crossroads of the medieval Sahara and celebrates West Africa’s historic and underrecognized global significance. More…

March “Money Talks”

Join Donald Squires on March 9 for Reading Byzantine Coins. With Latin, Greek, or both and written in a mixture of the Greek and Roman alphabets, the inscriptions on Byzantine coins can be tricky to decipher. Providing a guide to the interpretation of Byzantine coin inscriptions, this talk will analyze a variety of coins. No prior knowledge of Latin or Greek is required.  More..

In Review

The Gala was a Success!

On Thursday, January 10, 2019, some 150 friends of the American Numismatic Society gathered to honor Mike Gasvoda with the Trustees’ Award at the Annual Gala Dinner, held at the Harvard Club in New York City. More…

The 2018 Huntington Award

ANS Fellow Dr. John Kleeberg received the 2018 Archer M. Huntington Award on December 4, 2018. Dr. Kleeberg also gave the 2018 Silvia Mani Hurter Memorial Lecture: “Dr. William H. Sheldon, Ted Naftzger, and the Large Cent Thefts” which is now available on Youtube. Read about the Archer M. Huntington Award.

Wine & Coins

The 2018 Money Talks season ended on a high note! On December 8, Alex Conison, who holds a PhD on the ancient Roman wine trade and is the senior brand manager for Jose Cuervo USA, and MJ Macamara, PhD candidate in classics and NYC chef, with our Deputy Director Dr. Gilles Bransbourg, presented an edible history of ancient Rome. Ms. McNamara prepared food using ancient Roman recipes, with wine of the ancient world selected by Dr. Conison.

Eleonora Giampiccolo greets Pope Francis

Eleonora Giampiccolo, Summer Seminar Class of ’07 and current Director of the Numismatic Department at the Vatican Library, greeted Pope Francis when he visited the library to see a selection of three coins cited in the Bible; a shekel of the mint of Tyre, a Roman denarius, and a prutah of Pilate. Pope Francis was most interested in the prutah—the coin quoted in one of his favorite Gospel readings, The Offering of the Widow (Mark 12:41–44), in which a poor widow gives everything she has to the temple in the form of two very small copper coins. 

David Yoon on Stromboli

On January 5, Associate Curator David Yoon presented a paper (co-authored with Sara T. Levi and Valerie Long) at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, entitled “Roman and Medieval Activity at the Site of San Vincenzo, Stromboli.”

The Year-End Appeal is now Closed

The Year-End Appeal was a success! Thank you to everyone who contributed. The work undertaken here at the ANS would not be possible without your generosity!