Fairfield University Art Museum

Fairfield, CT

“The Fairfield University Art Museum (FUAM) is a dynamic space for engagement with the visual arts on the campus of Fairfield University. In its Bellarmine Hall Galleries, FUAM presents its small but choice permanent collection of European and American paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, as well as Asian, African and Pre-Columbian objects. Objects on long-term loan include antiquities and medieval pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Yale University Art Museum, the Worcester Art Museum, and the American Numismatic Society; Asian art on loan from the Columbia University Collection; and European paintings and objects borrowed from private collections. FUAM presents special exhibitions showcasing works of art in all media from a broad swathe of time periods and world cultures, ancient to contemporary, in both the Bellarmine Hall Galleries, and the Walsh Gallery in the Quick Center for the Arts. FUAM is an essential academic and cultural resource that brings original works of art to the Fairfield University community, and to the residents of Fairfield County and beyond by partnering with local schools and cultural institutions, and by serving all audiences through outreach, free admission and free events.”

More at: fairfield.edu/museum

Objects on Loan

The ANS has a total of 13 objects on long-term loan to the FUAM. Highlights of the loan include:

Silver drachm, Cnidus, 490–465 BCE. 1944.100.47780

Silver didrachm, Rhodes, 400–333 BCE. 1909.999.110

Silver 4 drachm (tetradrachm) of Eumenes I of Pergamum, Pergamum, 263–241 BCE. 1975.218.13

Bronze Sestertius of Nero, Lugdunum, 62–68 CE. 1941.131.715

Bronze Follis of Justinian I, Constantinople, 541–542 CE. 1944.100.14825