David Yoon

David Yoon, MPhil
Mark Salton Associate Curator of Medieval, Renaissance and Early European Numismatics

David Yoon has been working for the ANS since 2000 in various capacities: editor, researcher, and curator. He is a medieval archaeologist with extensive experience of excavation and field survey in Italy and France. His research interests include economic and political changes during Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages as well as the economics of political structures more generally. He is co-editor (for contributions on the medieval and modern worlds) of the American Journal of Numismatics.


David Yoon researches the archaeology of economic and political systems in Late Antiquity and medieval Europe. This includes numismatic research on the Visigothic kingdom as well as archaeological research in southern Italy and southern France. He is a co-director of the San Vincenzo Project excavations on the island of Stromboli near Sicily. He is also involved in the study and publication of the Williams College excavations at Psalmodi and of the Bova Marina Archaeological Project.


Recent articles and chapters:

(with Peter Bartlett), “The Transitional Visigothic Coinage of Leovigild: A Die Study and Metrological Comparison of Tomasini’s JII 5 Category,” Revue Numismatique 178 (2021): 295–333.

(with M. Rosi, S. T. Levi, M. Pistolesi, A. Bertagnini, D. Brunelli, V. Cannavò, A. Di Renzoni, F. Ferranti, and A. Renzulli), “Geoarchaeological Evidence of Middle-Age Tsunamis at Stromboli and Consequences for the Tsunami Hazard in the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea,” Nature Scientific Reports 9 (2019): article 677.

(with Sara T. Levi, Annunziata Ollà, and Gabriella Tigano), “Medieval Coins from the Site of San Vincenzo on the Island of Stromboli, Italy,” American Journal of Numismatics 30 (2018): 233–250.

(with Peter Bartlett and Ruth Pliego), “Weight, Fineness, and Debasement in Visigothic Tremisses from Theudis to Leovigild: New Evidence from the Hoards of Seville and Reccopolis,American Journal of Numismatics 29 (2017): 149–211.