Appeals 2017 Mid-Year

Dear Friend,

The Society has been sprinting since the onset of 2017, thanks to you and our other devoted supporters. Now, as I do every spring, I ask you to help us keep up the pace by donating to our Mid-Year Appeal. The funds we receive now are especially important to us, as they ensure that we are able to fulfill all of our programmatic promises through the rest of our fiscal year.

Here are some highlights of our year so far:

• “Money Talks: Numismatic Conversations,” our new, interactive seminars, allow participants to enjoy lunch and, in an informal and social setting, learn about a variety of numismatic interests while viewing items from the Society’s collection. Held on Saturdays at the ANS, it enables access to the library as well.

• Photographs of almost all coins of the Roman Empire have been uploaded to MANTIS, which includes 13,500 Roman Imperial coins that were incorporated into the OCRE database.

• The Harry M. Fowler Memorial Lecture, held May 1, featured Prof. Phillip Wagoner speaking on “The Deccan as an Integrated Currency Zone: New Approaches to the Study of Peninsular Indian Coin Hoards (1347-1687).”

• The continuation of the conversion of monographs from pre-2010 into e-books.

• And just beginning, The Hellenistic Royal Coinages (HRC) online project, which will allow for broad analyses and unprecedented research through the HRC portal.

There is much more to come, including publication of Coins, Artists, and Tyrants: Syracuse in the Time of the Peloponnesian War, and books on Ptolemaic coinage, the history of Central American coinage, and Proconsular Cistophori.

We are able to do all this only because of your support. There are many ways you can help us maintain our momentum. Outright gifts, of any amount, are always welcome. Or you can turn your one-time donation into a monthly gift, transforming an outright gift of $240, for example, into 12 gifts of $20. Monthly giving is easy to arrange and makes a huge difference to the Society—it give us the assurance that comes with knowing what resources we can count on each and every month. To make your gift a monthly recurring donation, simply check the “monthly donation” box online, or call us for more information.

However you choose to give, will you please donate today and help secure the future of the Society? On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire staff of the ANS, I heartily thank you for your support.

Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan
Executive Director