ANS Calendar 2019

(subject to change)

Tue. Jan. 1 New Year's Day (ANS Closed)
Thu. Jan. 10 2019 Gala at the Harvard Club 6:30 pm
Sat. Jan. 11 Board of Trustees Meeting
Mon. Jan. 21 Dr. M.L.King Jr. Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Feb. 9 Money Talks | An Intro to Hellenistic Coins with Peter Van Alfen 1:00pm-4:00pm
Mon. Feb. 18 President's Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Feb. 22 Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Applications due
Sat. Mar. 9 Money Talks | Reading Byzantine Coins with Donald Squires 1:00pm-4:00pm
Sat. Apr. 13 Money Talks | French Coinage Specifically for North America with Sydney Martin 1:00pm-4:00pm
Fri. Apr. 19 Good Friday (ANS Closed)
Thu. May 2 Introductory session on Roman provincial coinage in the East with Dr. Michel Amandry 4:00pm
Fri. May 3 An Event to Honor Dr. William E. Metcalf 5:30pm
Fri. May 3 2019 Harry Fowler Memorial Lecture 6:30pm
Sat. May 18 Board of Trustees Meeting
Mon. May 27 Memorial Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. May 31 Imagining America with Peter Dunham 5:30pm
Sat. Jun 1 Money Talks | Making Mexico with Peter S. Dunham 1:00pm-4:00pm
Mon. Jun. 3 64th Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Begins
Sat. Jun 22 Money Talks | Preparing Your Numismatic Manuscript for Publication with Andrew Reinhard 1:00pm-4:00pm
Thu. Jul. 4 Independence Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Jul. 5 (ANS Closed)
Fri. Jul. 26 64th Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Ends
Mon. Sep. 2 Labor Day (ANS Closed)
Mon. Sep. 10 Lecture-Ancient Coinage and the Portable Antiquities Scheme 5:30pm
Mon. Oct. 14 Columbus Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Oct. 19 ANS Annual Meeting
Sat. Oct. 26 Money Talks—The Mints of New York City
Fri. Nov. 8 The Huntington Award 5:30pm
Sat. Nov. 16 Money Talks—Coinage of the Ancient Black Sea
Thu. Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Nov. 29 Day after Thanksgiving (ANS Closed)
Tue. Dec. 10 Between Text and Objects: Coinage and the "Periplus of the Erythraean Sea" with Dr. Bhandare 5:30pm
Thu. Dec. 12 2019 J. Sanford Saltus Award 6:00pm
Sat. Dec. 14 Money Talks—Wine & Coin with A. Conison, MJ Macamara, &  G. Bransbourg 1:00pm-4:00pm
Wed. Dec. 25 Christmas Day (ANS Closed)
Thu. Jan. 16 2020 Annual Gala Dinner