ANS Calendar 2018

(subject to change)

Mon. Jan. 1 New Year's Day (ANS Closed)
Thu. Jan. 11 2018 Gala at the Harvard Club 6:30 pm
Fri. Jan. 12 Board of Trustees Meeting
Mon. Jan. 15 Dr. M.L.King Jr. Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Feb. 3 Money Talks: Mark Tomasko,"Bank Notes: From Design To Print”.
Mon. Feb. 19 President's Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Feb. 23 Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Applications due
Sat. Mar. 10 Money Talks: Lucia Carbone,"How to Read Latin on Coins”.
Th-Su. Mar. 22-25 ANS at Whitman Baltimore Coins and Collectibles Expo
Fri. Mar. 30 Good Friday (ANS Closed)
Thu. Apr. 5 "Observations in Archaic and Classical Cypriote Coinage", Dr. E. Markou. 5:30 pm
Sat. Apr. 21 Money Talks: Ray Williams,"To Counterfeit is Death”.
Sat. May 12 Money Talks: J. L. Bacharach,"How to Read Arabic on Coins”.
Sat. May 19 Board of Trustees Meeting
Mon. May 28 Memorial Day (ANS Closed)
Tue. May 29 Saltus Award
Mon. Jun. 4 64th Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Begins
Tue. Jun. 12 Fowler Lecture by Walter Scheidel
Sat. Jun 16 Money Talks: Alan Roche,"The Art of Photographing Coins”.
Wed. Jul. 4 Independence Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Jul 14 Money Talks: Van Alfen,"Monuments, Medals, Metropolis: Walking Tour Lower Manhattan”.
Tue-Fri. Jul. 24-27 ANS Closed to Visitors
Fri. Jul. 27 64th Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Ends
Mon. Sep. 3 Labor Day (ANS Closed)
Thu. Sep. 20 Money Talks: D.Hendin,"Judean Coinage and Early Christianity”. 5.00 pm
Mon. Oct. 8 Columbus Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Oct. 13 Money Talks: David Hill,"May the Little Things Not Perish: The History of the ANS".
Sat. Oct. 20 ANS Annual Meeting
Sat. Nov. 17 Money Talks: U. Wartenberg and P. van Alfen,"Preserving US Medallic Art Heritage".
Thu. Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Nov. 23 Day after Thanksgiving (ANS Closed)
Tue. Dec. 4 Huntington Award & Lecture. 5:30 pm
Sat. Dec. 8 Money Talks: G. Bransbourg and A. Conison,"Wine & Coins".
Tue. Dec. 25 Christmas Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Dec. 28 ANS Closed
Mon. Dec. 31 ANS Closed


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