ANS Calendar 2020


Tue. Jan. 1 New Year's Day (ANS Closed)
Thu. Jan. 16 2020 Gala at the Harvard Club 6:30 pm
Sat. Jan. 11 Board of Trustees Meeting
Mon. Jan. 20 Dr. M.L.King Jr. Day (ANS Closed)
Mon. Feb. 17 President's Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Feb. 21 Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Applications due
Sat. Feb. 29 Money Talks: Coinages in the Persian Empire with Dr. Wartenberg & Dr. Van Alfen
Wed. Mar. 11 Ancient Gems & Their Connection to Coins with Paweł Gołyźniak 5:30pm
Sat. Apr. 4 Money Talks (via Zoom): Antony & Cleopatra: A Match Made on Coinage with Dr. Carbone
Fri. Apr. 10 Good Friday (ANS Closed)
Sat. Apr. 25 Money Talks: Coins & Computation with Z. Taylor & Dr. Van Alfen
Fri. May. 1 Long Table No. 1 Slabbing: How it has Changed Collecting Coins
Fri. May. 8 Long Table No. 2 The HRC Project and Other Online Resources
Sat. May 9 Board of Trustees Meeting
Fri. May. 15 Long Table No. 3 The Medallic Art Co. Collection
Sat. May 16 Money Talks: Currency with Consequences: Circulating Counterfeits in the United States with Dr. J. Kraft
Mon. May 25 Memorial Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. May. 22 Long Table No. 4 The Hobby of Kings and Queens
Fri. May. 29 Long Table No. 5 Roman Republican Die Project (RRDP)
Fri. Jun. 5 Long Table No. 6 Signs of Inflation
Sat. Jun. 6 Money Talks: Stories as Recorded by Seleucid Coins
Mon. Jun. 8 64th Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Cancelled
.Fri. Jun. 12 Long Table No. 7 Topics in Biblical and Judean Coins
Fri. Jun. 19 Long Table No. 8 Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication
Thu. Jun. 25 Money Talks: Die Münzprägung von Mile with Dr. Weisser, Dr. Wartenberg & R. Hilbert
Fri. Jun. 26 Long Table No. 9 The Richard B. Witschonke Collection
Sat. June 27 Money Talks: The Newman Portal with Len Augsburger
Sat. Jul. 3 Independence Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Jul 18 Money Talks: State Coinages of the Confederation with R. Williams
.Fri. Jul. 24 Long Table No. 12 Vault Favorites
Fri. Jul. 31 64th Newman Graduate Summer Seminar Ends Cancelled
Sat. Aug. 1 Money Talks: From Acorn to Sapling with D. Hill
Mon. Sep. 7 Labor Day (ANS Closed)
Mon. Oct. 12 Columbus Day (ANS Closed)
Sat. Oct. TBD ANS Annual Meeting
Thu. Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Day (ANS Closed)
Fri. Nov. 27 Day after Thanksgiving (ANS Closed)
Fri. Dec. 25 Christmas Day (ANS Closed)


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(subject to change)