Edward T. Newell

Edward Theodore Newell (1886–1941) was one of the most important figures in the history of the ANS. He served as President of the American Numismatic Society from 1916 to 1941, the longest tenure of any ANS President so far. In this capacity, he provided essential leadership during the time when the Society grew into a major, internationally recognized institution, helping place numismatic scholarship and publication at the top of its priorities.

Newell was an important and influential researcher on the coinage of the Hellenistic Greek world. He was also a prodigious collector, not only of Hellenistic coins but also of many other topics. He donated over 20,000 coins to the ANS during his lifetime and left almost 90,000 more by bequest: the Newell collection constitutes the heart of the present Greek department and a significant element of the Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, and South Asian departments.

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