Gold Medal, Nuremberg (Germany), 1521 - 1706. 1955.30.1

Obverse: HERESIbVS. SI. DIGNVS. ERIT. LVTHERVS. IN. VLLIS - ET. CRISTVS. DIGNVS. CRIMINIS. HVIVS. ERIT + 15Z1 - Bust of Luther l., wearing doctoral cap.
Reverse: At top, to l. and r., CRIS TVS; in l. field, ICH BIN/ DAS LEM/ LEIN DAS/ DER WE/ LT SVND/ TREGT. IO/ HANES AM/ (Christ, I am the lamb that taketh away the sin of the world, from John I); in r. field, I. CAPT/ NIMANT/ KVMPT/ ZV DEM/ VATER D/ AN DVRCH/ MICH IO/ AM XIIII (No man cometh unto the Father but by me, from John XIV [6]) - bust of Christ, r.; above head, the holy dove; border of tiny birds (the holy dove?) on a raised ring.

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