Lead Medal, Paris (France), 1790 - 1792. 1935.126.24

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Reverse: TO PEACE AND COMMERCE;in exergue, IV JUL MDCCLXXVI - Atop a platform, on l., America represented as an Indian std. r., with bare torso, feathered skirt and headdress, and quiver of arrows behind r. shoulder, feet on pedestal, holding cornucopia in l. hand and gesturing downward with r. hand toward 2 bales, a keg and an anchor to lower l.; on r., Mercury stg. l. with wings on ankles, nude but for cape and winged helmet, holding caduceus in l. hand and gesturing toward America with r.; just above exergal line on r., in small letters, DUPRE F.; in background on r., at r. edge, forepart of ship sailing l. with headland on horizon behind.



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