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Brenner 150

The Hahlo Catalog


Bronzes, Marbles, and Medallions
by Victor D. Brenner

from April fifteenth to May first

MR. VICTOR D. BRENNER, whose collected works are enumerated in this catalogue, was born in Shavely, Russia, in 1871, and at the age of thirteen began to work with his father in engraving seals and in stone cutting. After three years’ experience under his father’s directions he left home and worked as an engraver of jewelry and a sculptor in various cities of Russia until 1890, when he came to New York and entered as a pupil, first in Cooper Union, then in the School of the National Academy of Design, and in the Art Students’ League, practising [sic] his profession in the daytime and studying at night. In 1898 he went to Paris, became a pupil of Roty and studied in the Julian Academy under Peuch, Verlet and Dubois for two years. After a year’s travel in Italy and Germany he returned to New York and opened a studio and in the course of three years produced a large number of plaques, medals, reliefs and busts.

His work has been shown in the exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Munich and London and in the important exhibitions in this country. Among other distinctions he has been awarded a bronze medal in the Universal Exposition at Paris in 1900, a mention in the Salon of the same year, a bronze medal at the Buffalo Exhibition and a silver medal at the St. Louis Exposition.

He also received a Medal of Honor in the International Exposition of Brussels in 1910. He is represented in the Luxembourg Gallery in Paris by eighteen pieces, in the collection of the Mint in Paris by twelve pieces, in the Glyptothek in Munich by ten pieces, in the Boston Museum by the same number, and in the Metropolitan Museum of this city by six pieces,” but is perhaps most widely known as the designer of the famous Lincoln cent.

From the Grolier Catalogue by F. D. Millet.

Dr. Otto Binswanger Medallion

The New York Public Library Seal

Mrs. Hambuchen Medallion

Mrs. Julia W. Oettinger Plaquette

Spencer Trask Medal

Spencer Trask, Esq. Plaquette

President Roosevelt plaquette

Dr. Charles Rabutot Plaquette

Frederick Samuel Tallmadge Medal

Collis P. Huntington Plaquette

The University of Wisconsin plaquette

Professor William H. Welch, presented to him in gold by his pupils and friends

Professor William H. Welch plaquette

John Fritz medal

United Engineering Societies plaquette

Dr. Dumontier plaquette

J. Sanford Saltus plaquette

The Walters Collection Bookplates

Professor Adoph Werner plaquette

Michigan State Award for Spanish-American War Veterans

International Congress on Tuberculosis badge

Carl Schurz plaquette

Ralph Waldo Emerson plaquette

Abraham Lincoln plaque

Ralph Waldo Emerson medallion

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida medal

National Arts Club of New York plaquette

National Conference of Charities and Corrections medal

Fine Arts Federation of New York plaquette

J. Sanford Saltus medal

Prince Henry medal

Fine Craftsmanship medal

Water Lily

Frederick S. Lamb plaquette

Charles P. Daly medal

Mme. Ernest Raynaud medallion

1900 Universal Exposition plaquette

The Illig medal

Desmond FitzGerald medal

International Congress on Tuberculosis medal

C. Delacour, Esq. plaquette

Edward B. Fulde, Esq. medallion

Miss Anita Stewart plaquette

E. Marblestone Esq.

René plaquette

Young Frenchman with Hat

Fridtjof Nansen plaquette

William Maxwell Evarts, Esq. plaquette

William Openhym plaquette

California Midwinter Exposition medal

Lake George Regatta Association medal

Church of the Most Holy Redeemer medal

Theodore L. De Vinne plaquette

Lloyd McKim Garrison plaquette

Abraham Lincoln medal

St. George Athletic Club medal

Senator Chauncey Depew medal

George William Curtis, Esq. medal

The Society of the Cincinnati medal

Dr. Muhlenberg medal

Red Polled Cattle Club of America medal

Mr. Vadé medallion

Football medal

Ohio State Fair and Industrial Exposition medal

George A. Lucas medallion

Mrs. Katrina Trask plaquette

Monmouth County Historical Society badge

Mlle. Furtbauer plaquette

George A. Lucas medallion

John Paul Jones plaquette

Panama Canal Service Medal badge

New York Historical Society medal

The Wright Brothers medal

James McNeill Whistler plaquette

Mrs. Charlotte May Buffet Smith plaquette

Motherhood medal

W.T. Walters and H. Walters, Esq. plaquette

Rafael Joseffy plaquette

George A. Lucas plaquette

American Geographical Society of New York Cullum medal

Norman Wait Harris medal

Amerigo Vespucci plaquette

Dr. John Wakefield Francis Medal

Jessie plaquette

Dr. Rupert Norton plaquette

Lincoln cent

President Roosevelt medallion


The Lily statuette




Shepherdess plaque


Return to Nature

Dr. I.W. Drummond bust


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  1. Dr. Otto Binswanger. Medallion. Jena, Germany.
  2. Seal of the New York Public Library.
  3. Mrs. Hambuchen. Medallion. Jena, Germany.
  4. Mrs. Julia W. Oettinger. Plaquette.
  5. Spencer Trask, Esq.
  6. Ex-President Roosevelt. Plaquette.
  7. Dr. Charles Rabutot, Paris. Plaquette.
  8. Model of the Talmadge portrait.
  9. Collis P. Huntington, Esq. Plaquette.
  10. In commemoration of the fiftieth Anniversary of the University of Wisconsin.
  11. Spencer Trask, Esq. Second Reduction.
  12. Reverse of the fiftieth Anniversary of the University of Wisconsin. Plaquette.
  13. Frederic Samuel Talmadge, President New York Society Sons of the Revolution. Medal.
  14. Model for the Prof. Welch portrait.
  15. The John Fritz Medal, instituted in his honor and awarded annually for science and industrial achievement.
  16. Plaquette commemorating the opening of the United Engineering Societies Building, and presented in gold, to each of the secretaries of the societies.
  17. Dr. Dumontier, Paris. Reduction.
  18. J. Sanford Saltus, Esq. Plaquette.
  19. Reverse of the Engineering Societies’ plaquette. “Electricity Breaking through the Clouds.”
  20. Insert for catalogue binding, Walter’s collection.
  21. Reverse of the Prof. Werner plaquette.
  22. Michigan State award medal to the soldiers and sailors of the Spanish-American War.
  23. Reverse of the Tuberculosis Congress badge.
  24. Carl Schurz, a souvenir by his friends.
  25. Ralph Waldo Emerson at 45 years of age.
  26. Lincoln Plaque.
  27. Reverse of the Michigan State award medal.
  28. Reverse of the Carl Schurz plaquette. “The Spirit of America Leading the Emigrant.”
  29. Professor Adolph Werner, plaquette to commemorate fifty years of service at the College of the City of New York, presented to him in gold by the Associated Alumni.
  30. Insert for catalogue binding, of the Walter’s China collection.
  31. Badge of the International Congress on Tuberculosis. “Building, Triumphing over the Dragon, ‘The White Plague.’”
  32. The Emerson medallion for the members of the Grolier Club of New York.
  33. The Sorolla medal, awarded in gold for a meritorious work of art, by the Hispano American Society.
  34. Reverse of the Sorolla medal.
  35. Souvenir plaquette of the National Arts Club of New York.
  36. Reverse of the Charities Medal.
  37. Medal commemorating the 25th conference of Charities and Correction. New York, 1898.
  38. Seal of the Fine Arts Federation of New York, in plaquette form.
  39. Reverse of the Saltus medal.
  40. Reverse of the Prince Henry medal. “Commerce Uniting the two Countries.”
  41. Fine Craftsmanship medal, awarded in the public schools of New York.
  42. Belt Buckle—“Water Lily.”
  43. Reduction of the John Fritz medal.
  44. Reverse of the John Fritz medal.
  45. The J. Sanford Saltus medal, awarded annually by the National Academy of Design for meritorious works of art.
  46. Frederic S. Lamb, presented to him at the National Arts Club by his friends.
  47. Prince Henry medal presented to him in gold by the American Numis Society, commemorating his visit here.
  48. The George [sic] P. Daly medal, instituted by the American Geographical Society, New York.
  49. Model for Dumontier portrait.
  50. John Fritz medal for scientific and industrial achievement.
  51. Mme. Ernest Raynaud, Paris. Medallion.
  52. Plaquette commemorating America’s participation in the World’s Fair, Paris, 1900. Presented to the officers of the exhibition by the commissioner-general.
  53. The Illig medal, Columbia University.
  54. Reverse of the Desmond Fitzgerald [sic] medal.
  55. Award medal for the Tuberculosis Congress.
  56. C. Delacour, Esq., sculptor, Paris. Plaquette.
  57. Reverse of the Paris Exhibition plaquette, ‘The Unveiling of the Lafayette Statute.’ [sic] Presented to the City of Paris by the school children of America.
  58. Edward B. Fulde, Esq., Paris. Medallion.
  59. Reverse of the Illig Medal.
  60. The Desmond Fitzgerald [sic] medal, Boston Society of Civil Engineers.
  61. Miss Anita Stewart, her favorite flower at the base.
  62. E. Marblestone Esq., painter.
  63. Portrait of Little René.
  64. Mme. Ernest Raynaud.
  65. ‘Study,’ young Frenchman with hat. Medallion.
  66. Edward B. Fulde.
  67. Commemorating the visit of Fridtjof Nansen to New York.
  68. Evart’s [sic] portrait, second reduction.
  69. Model, Wm. Oppenhym [sic]. Plaquette.
  70. California State Fair Medal.
  71. Award medal of the Lake George Regatta Association. “Father Yogue preaching to the Indians.”
  72. Reverse of the Tallmadge medal, Frances Tavern.
  73. Souvenir of the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer.
  74. The De Vinne plaquette, presented to him at the dinner of the Typothetae of New York.
  75. Reverse of the medal for the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer.
  76. The Lloyd McKim Garrison plaquette. Harvard University, for excellency in English literature.
  77. Centennial medal of Lincoln’s birth.
  78. Award medal of the St. George Athletic Club.
  79. Reverse of the Senator Depew medal.
  80. Reverse of the Curtis medal.
  81. Medal of the Society of the Cincinnati.
  82. Dr. Muhlenberg, first of the series, commemorating noted men of New York.
  83. Red Polled Cattle Club of America.
  84. Fiftieth Anniversary of the firm of William Oppenhym [sic], distributed as a souvenir to the employees.
  85. Mr. Vadé, Paris, painter. Medallion.
  86. Reverse of the Lloyd McKim Garrison medal.
  87. Football medal, cut directly on the steel die.
  88. Reverse of the Lincoln medal. Allegory—“The trouble sea for the times, rock for the constitution of America, the eagle for himself, looking in the sun’s rays which break through the clouds with the promise to protect, preserve and defend.”
  89. In memory of George William Curtis, Esq., instituted at Columbia by a friend of his, for excellency in public speaking.
  90. Ohio State fair and Industrial Exposition medal.
  91. Reverse of the Dr. Muhlenberg medal.
  92. Reverse of the Society of the Cincinnati medal.
  93. George A. Lucas, Esq., Medallion.
  94. Mrs. Katrina Trask.
  95. Reverse of Mrs. Katrina Trask. Plaquette.
  96. Reverse of the Monmouth County badge.
  97. Frederick Samuel Talmadge medal.
  98. Members’ badge of the Monmouth County Historical Society. “Indian chief deeding the land to the county.”
  99. Mrs. Julia W. Oettinger.
  100. Mlle. Furtbauer at the piano. Plaquette. Paris.
  101. Samuel Putnam Avery, Esq., replica of the one bearing dedication by the artist.
  102. Reverse of the John Paul Jones plaquette, commemorating the bringing over of his remains to America.
  103. Reverse of the Panama Canal medal, showing the Culebra Cut, with the Arms of Panama.
  104. Centennial medal of the New York Historical Society, portraits of the founder of the society and the first president.
  105. The Panama Canal medal, presented by the Government to all employees for two years’ continuous service on the Canal.
  106. John Paul Jones plaquette, second of the series, commemorating noted men in the history of America.
  107. Reverse of the Wright Brothers’ medal.
  108. William Maxwell Evarts, Esq. First reduction.
  109. The Wright Brothers’ medal, presented to them by the Aero Club of America, through President Taft, at the White House.
  110. Reverse of the Whistler plaquette.
  111. Spencer Trask, Esq. Second Reduction.
  112. Reverse of the Spencer Trask plaquette.
  113. Whistler plaquette, commemorating his first collective exhibit in London, England.
  114. Mrs. Charlotte May Buffet Smith. Plaquette.
  115. Reverse of the motherhood medal. ‘Genius announcing the arrival of the new-born.’
  116. Motherhood medal, commemorating the birth of a child.
  117. Ivory carved relief set in gold, with chain for ladies’ pendant.
  118. W.T. Walters, Esq. and H. Walters, Esq. Insert for cover of book.
  119. Reverse of the Joseffy plaquette. His hand on the piano keys.
  120. Rafael Joseffy plaquette, presented to him by the Bohemians of New York.
  121. George A. Lucas, Esq. Plaquette.
  122. Professor William H. Welch, presented to him in gold by his pupils and friends.
  123. Reverse of the Welch plaquette.
  124. The Cullum Geographical medal, by the American Geographical Society.
  125. The Norman Wait Harris prize in the Art Institute of Chicago.
  126. Amerigo Vespucci, plaquette, first of the series, commemorating noted men of America.
  127. Dr. France’s [sic] medal. Second of the series, commemorating noted men of New York.
  128. Portrait of “Jessie.” Plaquette.
  129. Dr. Rupert Norton, John [sic] Hopkins Hospital.
  130. Reverse of Cullum Geographical medal, awarded in gold to Fridtjof Nansen.
  131. Reverse of the Dr. France [sic] medal.
  132. Reverse of the Vespucci.
  133. Reverse of the Norman Wait Harris medal.
  134. Model of the Carl Schurz plaque.
  135. Model of the Lloyd McKim Garrison plaque.
  136. Model of the portrait on the Lincoln cent.
  137. Portrait of Ex-President Roosevelt.
  138. Creation. Bronze and Marble.
  139. Statuette. “The Lily.”
  140. Statuette. “Venus.”
  141. Statuette. “Faun.”
  142. Statuette. “Music.”
  143. 149. [sic] Family tomb. Plaster model.
  144. Shepherdess.
  145. Model for wall fountain “Dusk.”
  146. William Maxwell Evarts, Esq. Original medal.
  147. Group in Saravecca. “Return to Nature.” Marble.
  148. Portrait bust of Dr. I.W. Drummond. Marble.
  149. Bronze bust. Reduction of marble bust in Toledo Museum.
  150. Decorative panel “La Pastidiosa.” [sic]