Summer Seminar 1991

The 1991 Graduate Seminar (front row, left to right): Virginia M. da Costa, Roberta Stewart, Saundra Schwartz, and Cheryl L. Golden; (back row, left to right): Gilbert M. Stack, Andrew P. Gregory, David J. Roxburgh, Warren C. Schultz, and David Smart.
Program Director
William E. Metcalf Chief Curator, American Numismatic Society
Visiting Scholar in Residence
Roger Bland Curator of Roman Coins, The British Museum (London, England)
Carmen F. Arnold-Biucchi Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
Jere Bacharach University of Washington
Michael L. Bates Curator of Islamic Coins, ANS
Johanna Bergmann Curatorial Assistant, ANS
Giles F. Carter
Frank Deak Photographer, ANS
Adon A. Gordus
John M. Kleeberg Assistant Curator of Modern Coins and Currency, ANS
Fred S. Kleiner Boston University
Brooks Emmons Levy Princeton University
Eric P. Newman St. Louis, Missouri
Pere Pau Ripolles Alegre
Stephen K. Scher
Alan Stahl Curator of Mediaeval Coins, ANS Curator of Medals, ANS
Gilford & Leslie Beer Toby Marblehead, Massachusetts
James J. Todesca
Hyla A. Troxell Upper Montclair, New Jersey
Virginia M. da Costa University of California, Santa Barbara
Cheryl L. Golden University of Houston
Andrew P. Gregory Columbia University
David J. Roxburgh University of Pennsylvania
Warren C. Schultz University of Chicago
Roberta Stewart Dartmouth College
Saundra Schwartz Columbia University
David Smart Brown University
Gilbert M. Stack Fordham University