Graduate Summer Seminar 1974

Program Director
Margaret Thompson Chief Curator, American Numismatic Society
Visiting Scholar in Residence
Martin J. Price Assistant Keeper in the Department of Coins and Medals, The British Museum (London, England)
Michael L. Bates Associate Curator of Islamic Coins, ANS
Jeremiah D. Brady Associate Curator of Medieval Coins, ANS
Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. Professor of Classical Studies, University of Michigan
Philip Grierson Reader in Mediaeval Numismatics, Cambridge and Professor of Numismatics and the History of Coinage, University of Brussels
Rose Chan Houston Associate Curator of Far Eastern Coins, ANS
William E. Metcalf Assistant Curator of Roman and Byzantine Coins, ANS
Eric P. Newman St. Louis, Missouri
Nancy M. Waggoner Associate Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
Carlin A. Barton University of Oregon
William N. Bayless Rutgers University
Barbara L. Burrell Harvard University
Catherine Spotswood Gibbs Bryn Mawr College
Matthew S. Santirocco Columbia University
Ronnie J. Scherer Columbia University
Lindsay A. Shippee University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Boaz Shoshan Princeton University