Graduate Summer Seminar 1968

Program Director
George L. Kustas Associate Professor of Classics and Chairman of the Department of Classics, State University of New York at Buffalo
Visiting Scholar in Residence
Anne S. Robertson Keeper of the Cultural Collections and of the Hunter Coin Cabinet, Hunterian Museum and Reader in Roman Archaeology, University of Glasgow (Glasgow, Scotland)
Howard L. Adelson American Numismatic Society
Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. Associate Professor of Classical Studies, University of Michigan
Anthony Cutler Associate Professor of Art History, Pennsylvania State University
Joan M. Fagerlie Curator of Roman and Byzantine Coins, ANS
Henry Grunthal Curator of European and Modern Coins, ANS
Tom B. Jones Professor of History, University of Minnesota
Hillel Kaslove Assistant Curator of Modern Coins, ANS
Dawson Kiang Assistant Professor of Art History, Pennsylvania State University
Pierre A. MacKay Assistant Professor of Classics, University of Washington
Irwin L. Merker Associate Professor of History, Rutgers University
George C. Miles Chief Curator, ANS
Margaret Thompson Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
Gregory P. Bauer Columbia University
Edward J. Keall University of Michigan
Marilyn L. Lazarevich Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Lee Levine Jewish Theological Seminary
Rudi Paul Lindner University of California, Berkeley
Charles E.V. Nixon University of Michigan
David Paul Harvard University
Phyllis Pollak University of Pennsylvania
Jaimee Uhlenbrock University of Wisconsin