Graduate Summer Seminar 1963

Program Director
Howard L. Adelson Director of Studies, American Numismatic Society
Visiting Scholars in Residence
Hansjörg Bloesch University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland) /Winterthur Münzkabinett (Winterthur, Switzerland)
Stuart E. Rigold Ministry of Public Building and Works (London, England)
Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. Yale University
Joan M. Fagerlie Assistant Curator of Roman and Byzantine Coins, ANS
Philip Grierson University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England)
Henry Grunthal Assistant to the Chief Curator, ANS
R. Ross Holloway University of North Carolina
Hillel Kaslove Curatorial Assistant, ANS
George L. Kustas University of Buffalo
George C. Miles Chief Curator, ANS
Beulah P. Shonnard ANS
Margaret Thompson Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
William P. Wallace University of Toronto
J. Norman Austin University of California, Berkeley
William Berg III Princeton University
Anthony Cutler Emory University
W. McAllister Johnson Princeton University
Susan Handler Bryn Mawr College
Joseph R. Jones University of North Carolina
Michael L. Katzev University of California, Berkeley
John Kroll Harvard University
Roy P. Mottahedeh Harvard University
Sarah A. Rubin Bryn Mawr College
Lisa Volow University of Michigan
Jeanette A. Wakin Columbia University