Summer Seminar 1956

Howard L. Adelson Assistant Editor, American Numismatic Society
Alfred R. Bellinger Yale University
Theodore V. Buttrey, Jr. Yale University
William L. Clark Curator of Mediaeval and Modern Coins, ANS
Glanville Downey Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard University
Henry Grunthal Assistant to the Chief Curator, ANS
Harald Ingholt Yale University
Robert S. Lopez Yale University
George C. Miles Chief Curator, ANS
Sawyer McA. Mosser Executive Director, ANS
Joseph R. Strayer Princeton University
Louis C. West President, ANS
Henry Charles Boren University of Illinois
Ann R. Fox Bryn Mawr College
Evelyn Byrd Hawkins Radcliffe College
George Louis Kustus Cornell University
Erle Leichty University of Michigan
Joan Vance Rae Bryn Mawr College
Esther Arnold Smith University of Chicago
John Mason Smith, Jr. Columbia University
Wallace John Tomasini University of Michigan
Rosemary C. Walsh Yale University