Summer Seminar 1954

Visiting Scholars in Residence
Philip Grierson Cambridge University (Cambridge, England)
Henri Seyrig Institut Français d’Archéologie (Beirut, Lebanon)
Howard L. Adelson Assistant Editor, American Numismatic Society
Alfred R. Bellinger Yale University
Glanville Downey Dumbarton Oaks, Harvard University
Joachim Gaehde New York University
Harald Ingholt Yale University
George C. Miles Chief Curator, ANS
A. Carson Simpson Vice President, ANS
E. Baldwin Smith Princeton University
Joseph R. Strayer Princeton University
William P. Wallace University of Toronto
Louis C. West President, ANS
Mario A. Del Chiaro University of California
Ralph E. Giesey Institute for Advanced Study
Andrew G. Jameson Harvard University
Robert A. Laurer Harvard University
Jill Barbara Nadell New York University
Abdul Wahhab Qaysi McGill University
Isa Ragusa Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Georgiana Reynolds New York University
Stanford Shaw Princeton University
Samy Shenouda Princeton University
Jane M. Tilley University of Michigan
Edward F. Wente University of Chicago