American Journal of Numismatics Vol. 25 (2012)


Volume 25 of the American Journal of Numismatics was under-printed originally, but is now available as a high-quality, hardcover print-on-demand title created from the original press-ready files.

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Andrew R. Meadows, Editor
Oliver D. Hoover, Managing Editor


  1. Jonathan Kagan. Epidamnus, Anactorium, and Potidaea: Corinthian-style Pegasi at the Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War
  2. Metodi Manov and Vasil Damyanov. The First Mint of Cavarus, the Last King of the Celtic Kingdom in Thrace
  3. Noah Kaye. The Silver Tetradrachms of Prousias II of Bithynia
  4. Daniel Wolf. A Metrological Survey of Ptolemaic Bronze Coins
  5. Evgeni I. Paunov. A Roman Countermark on a Bronze Coin of Rhoemetalces I, King of Thrace
  6. Catharine C. Lorber. The Iconographic Program of the Year 3 Coinage of Herod the Great
  7. D. Alex Walthall. A Hoard Containing Late Republican Denarii from Morgantina (Sicily)
  8. Gilles Bransbourg. Fides et Pecunia Numerata, Part II: The Currencies of the Roman Republic
  9. David Woods. Carisius, Acisculus, and the Riddle of the Sphinx
  10. Daniel Hoyer. Calculating the Use-Wear Rates of Roman Coins Using Regression Analysis: A Case Study of Bronze Sestertii from Imperial Gaul
  11. Nathan T. Elkins. A Note on Late Roman Art: The Provincial Origins of Camp Gate and Baldachin Iconography on the Late Imperial Coinage
  12. Matthew Knox Averett. The Annual Medals of Pope Urban VIII Barberini
  13. Allison Caplan. “Cada uno en su bolsa llevar lo que cien indios no llevarían”: Mexica Resistance and the Shape of Currency in New Spain, 1542–1552

Hardback, illus.,356 pp., 51 plates
ISSN 1053-8356
ISBN 13:978-0-89722-330-0

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