The Planchet Podcast Season 3 Wrap-Up

By The American Numismatic Society

Season 3 of the Planchet podcast from the American Numismatic Society wrapped earlier in December with a conversation with Chris McDowell, editor of the Journal of Early American Numismatics and author of the newest book from the ANS, The Early Betts Medal Companion.

Author and editor Chris McDowell appeared as a guest on the Planchet season 3, episode 9.

The Planchet podcast is available to listen to for free either online via the ANS or anywhere you get your podcasts including Spotify, Apple, and Google. Please subscribe! The other episodes for season 3 (2022) are listed below, perfect for listening to as you await the New Year:

Episode 8: A Conversation with Waleed Ziad

Episode 7: A Conversation with T. Corey Brennan

Episode 6: A Numismatic Conversation with Billy Bragg

Episode 5: A Conversation with Richard Abdy

Episode 4: Tips for Photographing Coins with a Smartphone (with Alan Roche)

Episode 3: Conversations at the 2022 Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics

Episode 2: Len Augsburger and the Newman Numismatic Portal

Episode 1: A Conversation with Shanna Schmidt

The ANS looks forward to sharing Season 4 with you soon.