ANS Wins 8 Numismatic Literary Guild Awards

By The American Numismatic Society
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The Numismatic Literary Guild honored the ANS with 8 awards at the recent American Numismatic Association 2022 World’s Fair of Money. Andrew Reinhard, ANS Director of Publications said, “this really speaks well of the depth and breadth of everything the ANS offers to its Members and to the public: award-winning books, journal articles, magazine articles, multimedia, social media, and the website. I couldn’t be prouder of everyone for how their work supports the mission of the ANS via words and pictures.”

Best Feature Article: United States Coins – Early

“The Coins Made ‘for the Islands and Mainland of America’ by the French West India Company 1670”

Jérôme Jambu, Journal of Early American Numismatics

Best Feature Article: Ancient and Medieval Coins

“Coins and the Colosseum: How Coinage Illuminates the Greatest Amphitheater”

Nathan T. Elkins, ANS Magazine

AJN cover

Best Feature Article: World Coins

“The Origins and Context of the First Coinage for Liberia”

Bill Dalzell, American Journal of Numismatics

Best Feature Article: Numismatic History or Personalities

“The Crane Ring of Rupert, Vermont: A Family of Counterfeiters at Reuben Harmon’s Mint”

Julia Casey, Journal of Early American Numismatics

Best Non-Trade Website

American Numismatic Society

Best Numismatic Social Media Platform or Coin Collector Forum

American Numismatic Society 

Best Blog 

Pocket Change

American Numismatic Society

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