New Discoveries in the Works of Victor D. Brenner—Jesse Kraft, Patrick McMahon, and Scott H. Miller

Dr. Jesse Kraft is the Assistant Curator of American Numismatics at the American Numismatic Society. Kraft coordinated for the revived Coinage of the Americas Conference in 2021, which celebrates the Victor D. Brenner Sesquicentennial. Kraft specializes in numismatics of the Western Hemisphere, overseeing the North American, South American, and Caribbean material in the Society’s Collection, which includes his work as director of the ANS Medallic Art Company Project. A 2017 graduate of the Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics, Kraft has worked in museums and cultural institutions in various capacities. Patrick McMahon is the Director of Renovations and Gallery Displays at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Originally a member of the Art of the Americas department, he joined the Exhibitions department in 2006 and continues to support numismatic inquiries for the American collections. An Associate Member of the American Numismatic Society, McMahon is an active collaborator on ANS projects related to medallic art and the work of Victor David Brenner. These include the Brenner 150 Exhibition, a digital recreation of the famous 1912 Hahlo Exhibition of Brenner’s work. Scott H. Miller is a Life Fellow of the American Numismatic Society, and a past president of the New York Numismatic Club. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Miller attended Brooklyn College and was employed in the federal civil service until his retirement in 2018. Miller began collecting coins at a young age and turned to medals in the early 70s, concentrating on those from the United States, France, and Great Britain, focused on 1876 to 1926. He has written articles for various ANS publications, as well as for the Medal Collectors of America Advisory and the Kent Collector. In 2015, the ANS published his Medallic Art of the American Numismatic Society 1866-2014 as the second text in the Studies in Medallic Art series.