Money Talks: The Brenner 150 Exhibition: 150 Years of V. D. B.

By the time of the Hahlo Exhibition in 1912, Victor David Brenner was a globally-acclaimed sculptor and was still receiving accolades for his famed Lincoln cent of 1909. The exhibition effectively served as a survey of his life’s work up to that point, showcasing pieces he produced early in his career alongside others that were freshly struck. The Brenner 150 Exhibition is a new digital recreation of the famous original display. In addition to the 1912 Hahlo Exhibition, which includes 150 pieces of his work, the year 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of his birth—June 12, 1871.

Join Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Jesse Kraft, ANS Fellow Scott H. Miller, and MFA Boston Director of Exhibitions Patrick McMahon for a sneak peak of the digital exhibition, a tour through the website, and a discussion on the sculptor and his body of work.