Long Table 89. The Mark & Lottie Salton Collection: Jewish Entrepreneurs and the Beginning of the German Coin Trade

Mark Salton (b. Max Schlessinger, 1914-2005), came from from a distinguished family of German coin dealers from before the First World War. His father, Felix Schlessinger (1879-1944), was the nephew of Leo Hamburger (1846-1929), who, together with his cousin Leo Hamburger (1836-1902), built up the most prominent German numismatic firms of the era. Join Vicken Yegparian, Dr. Ursula Kampmann, Fabian Halbich, Alexandra Elflein-Schwier, and Ulrich Kuenker as they present the Salton Collection, exploring insights into the German-Jewish story of the fortunate rise and tragic end of the most important coin trading dynasty before the Second World War.