Full Run of The Colonial Newsletter Now Open Access

By The American Numismatic Society

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Courtesy of the American Numismatic Society (ANS), the Newman Portal now features the Colonial Newsletter (CNL) from 1960 to 2015 (issues no. 1 to 159).  Launched by Al Hoch and others, the CNL was ably managed for many years under editor Jim Spilman, until the Colonial Newsletter Foundation donated the publication to the ANS in 1996.  Oliver Hoover, the current editor, does not shy away from provocative topics, and issue 159’s “Hidden Initials by Early American Engraver’s Guild,” which, per Hoover, “pushes the bounds of traditional interpretation,” is a must-read for anyone interested in George Washington Indian Peace Medals.  The current CNL further features serial publication of important colonial coins in the ANS cabinet.  The periodical as a whole has captured the best researchers of its time – the inaugural issue featured Ken Bressett – and is indispensible for the colonial specialist.  In addition, the little known Colonial Newsletter Online (12 issues published between 1995 and 1997) is also present here, as well as the most recent index of the CNL.

Link to the Colonial Newsletter on the Newman Portal

Link to the Colonial Newsletter index, 1960-2015

Link to the Colonial Newsletter Online

Post by guest author Len Augsburger on behalf of the Newman Numismatic Portal.