S1, Ep. 7. A Brief History of Oxford's Earliest Coin Collections

The Planchet, Season 1, Episode 7. An interview with Andrew Burnett (CBE, FSA, FBA), retired Deputy Director of the British Museum and Keeper of its Department of Coins and Medals, and co-author of Roman Coins, Money, and Society in Elizabethan England. Image: Elias Ashmole by an unknown artist, ca. 1688, after the portrait by John Riley.

The seventh episode of The Planchet features an interview with Dr. Andrew Burnett, retired Deputy Director of the British Museum and its Keeper of Coins and Medals, who also presided over the Royal Numismatic Society from 2013–2018. Burnett discusses the origins of many of the earliest coin collections kept at Oxford (including those of the Bodleian Library and the Ashmolean Museum), the colorful personalities of 16th- and 17th-century collectors (esp. Elias Ashmole), plus a primer on early numismatic catalogues of public collections in Britain and what happens when a coin collection catches fire.

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Total Time: 49 minutes

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