The Planchet: Podcast of the American Numismatic Society


Announcing the podcast of the American Numismatic Society

The ANS has launched a podcast! Hosted by our Publications Director Andrew Reinhard, each episode of The Planchet will be a conversation with numismatists and other scholars about the stories and histories of currency and medals. Recorded for non-specialists and professionals alike, there is something for all.

The Planchet is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google/Android. Subscribe and hear a new episode each month!


Ep. 01: Foreign Currency before the Coinage Act of 1857
The inaugural episode of The Planchet features a conversation between Dr. Jesse Kraft, ANS Assistant Curator of the Coins and Currency of the Americas, and Dr. Andrew Reinhard, ANS Director of Publications, about how Americans spent foreign currency before the Coinage Act of 1857.

Ep. 02: Mark Antony: A Rogue with Monetary Insight
The second episode of The Planchet features guests Dr. Lucia Carbone, Assistant Curator for Roman Coins for the ANS, and Dr. Katie Cupello, expert on Mark Antony and Roman portraiture, as they talk about Antony, his many wives, political iconography, and his program of coinage in the Roman East.

Ep. 03: White Gold: Studies in Early Electrum Coinage
The third episode of The Planchet features guests Dr. Peter van Alfen, Chief Curator for the ANS, and Dr. Ute Wartenberg, Research Curator for the ANS (not to mention its previous Executive Director for 20 years), as they talk about early electrum coinage, archaeology, and a brief history of money.

Ep. 04: A Brief History of Women Coin Collectors
The fourth episode of The Planchet features guest Mary Lannin talking about five notable women coin collectors from the 15th to the 20th centuries, and the state of the field in 2020: Isabella d’Este, Comtesse Martine de Béhague, Olga H. Knoepke, Elisabeth Washburn King, and Emery May Norweb.

Ep. 05: An Interview with Numismatic Visual Artist Jenna Lash
The fifth episode of The Planchet features an interview with guest Jenna Lash to discuss her numismatic paintings, how she selects her monetary subjects and themes, and what it’s like to be a visual artist in the time of COVID-19.

Ep. 06: Old Regime France and its Jetons
The sixth episode of The Planchet features an interview with Dr. Jim McClellan, Professor Emeritus of Stevens Institute of Technology, where from 1977 he taught the history of science. McClellan is also a serious student of tokens, namely the jetons of Old Regime (pre-1789) France, and what these tell us about pre-Revolution French history that cannot be gleaned easily from written accounts.

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