October 2019 eNews

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Dr. Ute Wartenberg Steps Down to Focus on Research
The American Numismatic Society announced this week that its Executive Director, Dr. Ute Wartenberg, has decided to step down from her position to return to full-time research. She will remain at the Society as a full-time Research Curator while also serving as Curator of the Amastris Collection, a private collection of Greek coins. More…


IMG_8779-EEDDIT-1Dr. Gilles Bransbourg named ANS Executive Director
The ANS is pleased to announce that Dr. Gilles Bransbourg has been named Executive Director. Dr. Bransbourg joined the Society in 2011 as an Adjunct Curator, then served as Associate Curator before assuming the role of Deputy Director in 2018. He has worked closely with Dr. Wartenberg over the last year to facilitate the transition, and he will assume the position beginning November 1, 2019. More…



Dr. Jesse Kraft hired as new Assistant Curator
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jesse Kraft has been hired as Assistant Curator of the Coins and Currency of the Americas. “We are thrilled that Dr. Kraft accepted our offer after a rather long search process,“ said Executive Director Ute Wartenberg, “he comes to us with an intimate knowledge already of the Society and parts of the collection. We very much look froward to having him join our curatorial team.” More…

Digitizing Japanese Hansatsu Currency
Ryo Kawashima, a PhD student in History at Columbia University, is working with the ANS for the next few months on digitizing our collection of Japanese hansatsu currency from the early modern period. We have several hundred of these notes from the John Reilly Jr. collection, most of which have never been entered into our database, and we look forward to making them accessible through MANTIS in the near future.

2019 Huntington Award to 
Prof. Dr. Oğuz Tekin
The Trustees of the American Numismatic Society have voted to bestow upon Prof. Dr. Oğuz Tekin the 2019 Archer M. Huntington Award in recognition of his scholarly work on ancient Greek and Roman numismatics. The award ceremony will be held on Friday, November 8 and will feature the Silvia Mani Hurter Memorial Lecture by Prof. Dr. Tekin, entitled Markets, Coins, and Weights in Hellenistic Asia Minor. More…

Coinage of the Ancient Black Sea example coin
November “Money Talks” | Coinage of the Ancient Black Sea
Join Collections Manager Elena Stolyarik for Coinage of the Ancient Black Sea. There is a complicated history to the ancient Greek colonies on the Northern and Western coast of the Pontus Euxinus—the ancient name of the Black Sea. Far on the edge of the ancient Greek world, there is evidence of extensive contact between the Mediterranean area and the peoples of the steppes. Ancient coins provide a valuable source for the study of these societies’ economic development, as well as for the cultural and economic relationships in one of the most important contact zones of the Old World. More…

The Nablus 1968 Hoard
is now available!
The Nablus 1968 Hoard: A Study of Monetary Circulation in the Late Fourth and Early Third Centuries BCE Southern Levant (Numismatic Notes and Monographs 171) is now available for purchase. This study provides a detailed catalogue the Nablus 1968 Hoard—the largest late Persian/ early Hellenistic period coin and jewelry hoard recorded from the southern Levant and the largest known hoarded assemblage of Samarian coins. Order online.

2019 Gala, coin of Alexander
The 2020 Annual Gala will honor Richard Beleson
The 2020 Annual Gala Dinner will take place on Thursday, January 16, 2020, at the Harvard Club, 35 West 44th Street, New York City. The ANS will honor Richard Beleson. More…

The 2019 Annual Report
The 2019 Annual Report is now available online. Read about the past year’s research, recent acquisitions to the cabinet and library, and much more. Read it here.

December “Money Talks” | 
Wine & Coins
Join us for an edible history of ancient Rome. Come and enjoy food prepared via ancient Roman recipes, paired with the wine produced in Mediterranean or by ancient techniques, and see the coins that would have paid for it all. Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg will lead the event with the help and expertise of MJ McNamara, PhD candidate in classics and NYC chef, and Alex Conison, PhD on the Ancient Roman wine trade and senior brand manager for Jose Cuervo USA. More…

ANS Publishing
Three Books Currently Available for Pre-Order:
Jacques Wiener’s Most Remarkable Edifices of Europe: The Man, Monuments, and Medals

Connections, Communities, Coinage: The System of Coin Production in Southern Asia Minor, AD 218–276

The Early Antigonids: Coinage, Money, and the Economy

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October in Review

2019 Annual Meeting
The 162nd Annual Meeting of the American Numismatic Society took place on Saturday, October 19. Officers of the Board of Trustees and staff made remarks and presentations. A video of the proceedings will soon be available on YouTube.

October “Money Talks” |  
The Mints of New York City
The first Money Talks of the Fall was a success! Chief Curator, Peter van Alfen covered the manufacture of numismatic items—coins, tokens, and paper—in New York City from the Colonial Period up to the twentieth century.

School Visit

On October 28, Peter van Alfen welcomed a group of students from Columbia University. Their visit was part of a class on ancient history and culture taught by Prof. Peter Leigh.