New Acquisitions 2012-2013

To coincide with the Society’s 156th Annual Meeting, the ANS curatorial and archives departments have prepared an exhibition of newly acquired materials, including those generously donated by members and fellows, as well as some purchased as part of the ongoing effort to fill gaps in the collection. Displayed under the classification Coins of the Holy Land are specimens from the collection of Abraham D. and Marian Scheuer Sofaer and those donated by ANS Adjunct Curator and Fellow David Hendin. Also seen are examples from the collection of the great ANS president and benefactor Archer Huntington. These specimens—reflecting his primary interest in the Iberian peninsula but also in other areas—were once part of a vast assemblage of some 38,000 items that had been housed at the Society for fifty years but that were sold in 2012 when the Hispanic Society of America withdrew the loan. Through the generosity of two purchasers, portions of Huntington’s collection have returned on loan to the ANS, and the Society has also purchased some of the items. The ANS Archives has on display the research materials of one of the most remarkable husband-and-wife teams in the field of numismatics, Vladimir and Elvira Eliza Clain-Stefanelli, as well as sketches by the sculptor and medallist Wheeler Williams that were generously donated by Scott Miller.