Money Talks, Ray Williams, June 10th

Mr. Ray Williams, ANS Fellow, Vice President of the NJ Numismatic Society, and former Colonial Coin Collectors Club president, will discuss the coins issued by the authority of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey, along with the economic climate bringing them into existence, the people involved and the minting operations.  How these coins are collected by modern numismatists will also be touched upon.

Please RSVP for the lecture being held on Saturday, June 10, 2017, at 1:00 pm at the American Numismatic Society. Lunch served at 1:00 pm, followed by the lecture at 2:00 pm, Q&A at 3:00 pm. The ANS will remain open from 12 noon until 4:00 pm.

Money Talks: Numismatic Conversations is supported by an ANS endowment fund generously given in honor of Dr. Vladimir Clain-Stefanelli and Mrs. Elvira Clain-Stefanelli.