The Question of Gold in Fourth-Century Egypt

Money Talks
The Question of Gold in Fourth-Century Egypt

February 27, 2021
1:00 pm EST

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The gold solidus is among the most iconic objects of Late Antiquity. Originally introduced by Diocletian as part of his numerous monetary reforms, the coin’s weight was reduced and it was more widely minted by Constantine, becoming a symbol of stability of the Late Roman and Byzantine Empires. In fact, studies of the solidus, used in tandem with papyrological evidence from Egypt, have formed a central part of seminal scholarship regarding the nature of the Late Antique economy. But how early did this “Golden Age” begin? This talk will present the numismatic evidence for fourth century solidi found in Egypt in order to bring nuance to the role of gold coinage throughout this important initial period of monetary and economic transition.

This lecture will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for later viewing.

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