Money Talks: The Archaeology of Ptolemaic and Early Roman Coinage in Egypt

Friday, June 17
6:00 PM ET (5:30 Reception)

Join us in person or virtually on June 17, 2022 for this month’s Money Talks with Dr. Thomas Faucher, Researcher at the Centre d’études Alexandrines (CEAlex), on the archaeology of Ptolemaic and early Roman coinage in Egypt. Ptolemy I’s decision to close the Egyptian monetary system in the early third century BCE fostered a particular environment for the deployment of Egyptian coinage. When the Romans took over Egypt and integrated this regional monetary system into the larger system of the Empire, this monetary autarky allowed Egyptian coinage to develop hybrid forms. In this lecture, Dr. Faucher will present the material resulting from archaeological excavations—mostly copper alloy coins—and examine the evolution of coinage and its integration into the economy of the countryside during the Ptolemaic and early Roman periods.

This event will be held in-person and virtually. A link will be sent to all active members on the morning of the talk. To make sure you are on the list, contact Austin Goodwin Andrews at This lecture will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube for later viewing.