Money Talks | David Hendin

Judean Coinage and Early Christianity
with David Hendin

September 20, 2018
$30 for members/$50 for nonmembers

David Hendin will discuss Jewish and ancient Christian coins in the context of archaeology and the experience of 50 years studying the coins and weights of the southern levant. He will discuss ancient scale weights, coins of Hasmoneans, Herodians, Prefects and Procurators of Judaea, and the First Revolt and the Bar Kokhba Revolt. He will show photographs of fascinating examples, in some cases he will show the cleaning process of some of the rarest of all Judean coins. He will focus on recent research and his experience excavating in Israel over three seasons at ancient Sepphoris, with the Duke and Hebrew University research projects. he will also show a small group of select coins from the ANS vaults.

The event will start at 5:00 with a lite Kosher dinner, the talk will begin at 6:00, followed by Q & A. Space is limited. Please RSVP to Emma Pratte at or 212-571-4470, ext. 117.

Money Talks: Numismatic Conversations is supported by an ANS endowment fund generously given in honor of Dr. Vladimir Clain-Stefanelli and Mrs. Elvira Clain-Stefanelli.