The ANS Community

Since its founding in 1858, the American Numismatic Society has cultivated a thriving, multi-faceted community of individuals with a passionate curiosity about coins, medals, and other numismatic objects of study.

They join the ANS as scholars, artists, students, curators, collectors, and amateur enthusiasts, all drawn by the Society’s world-class resources and an intense desire to further their understanding of the forces and events that have shaped the world’s civilizations.

The Society has assembled a permanent collection of more than 800,000 coins, currencies, medals and other related objects dating back to 2000 BCE. The specialized library contains approximately 100,000 books, documents, and artifacts that are among the finest of their kind. Together, they comprise one of the most extensive numismatic holdings in the world. Today, these resources, along with the Society’s publications, journals, online resources, and virtual programming offer something for everyone, from the most serious academic to the curious coin collector.

The Society excels at finding new and fun ways to present numismatic collections both in person and virtually. There is always something going on for all levels of interest.

Elizabeth Hahn Benge
Associate Member, Collection Manager for Arts of the Ancient Mediterranean and Byzantium and the Arts of Africa at the Art Institute of Chicago

Whether you are an amateur like me or a professional numismatist, the ANS is a topnotch numismatic resource. To the standard advice often given to budding numismatists, “first, buy the book,” I would add, “and second, join the ANS!”

Donald Squires
Associate Member

The ANS staff have made such an outstanding effort to bring interesting numismatics into our daily lives as members.

Chuck Heck
Associate Member, Large Cent Specialist

The ANS is an indispensable part of our numismatic hobby. We couldn’t imagine doing without it!

Charles and Owen Morgan
Associate Members, Charles Morgan is Executive Director of the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG) and Editor-in-Chief of CoinWeek

I greatly value being part of a research-oriented numismatic community and having the opportunity to participate (and present) at virtual weekly Long Tables, monthly Money Talks, as well as make use of the ANS’ extensive library and collection while living in the Midwest. 

Jeremy Haag
Associate Member, Research Scientist at Bayer Crop Science

The ANS’s online resources and library have been fundamental for my scholarship since my years in graduate school. Participating in the Eric P. Newman summer seminar solidified my interest in economic history and shaped my dissertation and current book project. To this day it continues to be a place of scholarly excellence and fellowship.

Dr. Irene Soto Marín 
Associate Member, Assistant Professor of Ancient History at Harvard

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