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Join the American Numismatic Society and become a part of an enduring tradition.

The dedication and support of our members enables us to maintain and develop this historic collection. By joining the ANS, you are investing in the future of numismatics and allowing us to undertake a wide range of projects. For over 160 years, the ANS has relied on its members and their generosity.  We could not do it without you.

Members Benefits

  • Access to the leading source of numismatic data, research, and publications in the USA
  • Inclusion in a global network of scholars, collectors, and enthusiasts
  • Subscription to the award-winning ANS Magazine
  • 30% off on all ANS publications
  • Special recognition of long-term members
  • Discounted enrollment fees for ANS Lyceum
  • Open access to collections and library resources online
  • Discounted subscription to the Journal of Early American Numismatics
  • Discounted subscription to the American Journal of Numismatics
  • E-news subscription with information about current developments in numismatics and events at the ANS
  • Invitations to special events and lectures by renowned numismatists and scholars
  • Exclusive access to weekly Long Table lectures, seminars, and workshops

American Journal of Numismatics

The American Journal of Numismatics (AJN) annually publishes original, peer-reviewed research in all areas of numismatics, in the form of articles or short notes.

Learn more about the AJN

Journal of Early American Numismatics

The Journal of Early American Numismatics (JEAN) is a peer-reviewed, semiannual journal dedicated to the study of early American numismatics, focusing on coinage and other species from the Colonial and Confederation periods of the US, plus early numismatics from the Americas.

Learn more about JEAN

Fellow Renewals

ANS Fellows can click here to renew their membership

ANS Memberships


ANS Associate membership

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Associate Membership

Members are vital to sustaining the mission of the American Numismatic Society: to promote and advance the study, research, and appreciation of numismatics. Your dedication and support enables the ANS to undertake a wide range of projects, from the continuing digitization of our holdings to the publication of journals, magazines, and thousands of pages of scholarship each year.

1 Year
2 Years
Magazine Only$115.00
With AJN$165.00
AJN (Digital only)$135.00
With JEAN$165.00
With AJN & JEAN$215.00
Magazine Only$230.00
With AJN$330.00
AJN (Digital only)$270.00
With JEAN$330.00
With AJN & JEAN$430.00
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Student and Contingent Faculty Membership

Education is a very important part of our mission, and so we are happy to offer a 40% discount on membership for students and contingent faculty.

Student members and contingent faculty with valid, current IDs are eligible for a membership discounted by 40% off the Associate Member rate. Email with your ID or proof of status as a student or contingent faculty member at a college or university.
1 Year
Magazine Only$66.00
With AJN$93.00
With JEAN$93.00
With AJN & JEAN$120.00
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Institutional Membership

Institutional memberships include both the American Journal of Numismatics and the Journal of Early American Numismatics.  Corporate membership also includes a 1/4 page advertisement in all four issues of the ANS Magazine per year.

1 Year
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Life Membership

Life members receive all the benefits of membership for life, including a lifetime subscription to the ANS Magazine. In addition, they can choose to receive either the Journal of Early American Numismatics or the American Journal of Numismatics for life. For those under the age of 60, the one-time dues are $6,500. If you are 60 or older, Life membership dues are discounted to $3,000.

Life memberships are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Amount of tax-deductibility varies; contact or (212) 571-4470 ex. 117 for more information.

60 and older$3,000.00
Under 60$6,500.00
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