May 2019 eNews


IAPN Book Prize for 2019
Catharine Lorber’s Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire was declared the winner of the prestigious International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) Book Prize for 2019. The prize of 1,000 Swiss Francs with a medal and a framed diploma will be presented to Dr. Lorber at a reception sponsored by the IAPN, to be held in conjunction with the ANA Convention in Chicago in August 13–17. 

"Let Not the Small Things be Forgotten"
The Mid-Year Appeal is Now On!
Thanks to your unwavering loyalty and generosity, we have been able to set an ambitious pace for 2019. Highlights of recent activity are described in the 2019 Mid-Year Appeal flyer. Today we ask that you please consider making a donation to our Mid-Year Appeal so we can continue to build on the momentum we have gained so far. Click here to donate.

HRC Umbrella Site
The ANS is pleased to announce the launch of a new online resource, Hellenistic Royal Coinages (HRC). A National Endowment for the Humanities funded project based at the ANS in New York City, HRC is a web-based resource for users to learn about, research, and conduct different types of statistical analyses on the coinages produced by the different dynasties and rulers of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East during the Hellenistic period (ca. 323–31 BC). These include the coins struck by (and in the name of) Alexander the Great and those struck by his successors, such as the Seleucids in the Near East and the Ptolemies in Egypt. More…

First JEAN of 2019
The first issue of 2019 for the Journal of Early American Numismatics (JEAN) is currently being printed and will be mailed to subscribers mid-June. Articles include “John J. Ford, Jr.: A Life in Three Portraits” (Q. David Bowers), “Lion Dollars: A Collector’s Viewpoint” (Ray Williams), “The Massachusetts Pine Tree Penny: A Copper Token Struck in Boston in 1776” (Julia H. Casey), “Point/Counterpoint: John Kleeberg’s Continental Dollar” (Jeff Rock), “Research Notes Regarding the Non Dependent Status Copper Coinage” (Byron White), “Identification and Classification of an Important New Variety of the Massachusetts Silver Coinage: The Salmon 11-X Pine Tree Shilling” (Christopher J. Salmon), “Newman Sale Uncovers New Rubber Lady Family Varieties” (Kayla Schlemmer), “John Bailey’s New York City Mint” (Gary A. Trudgen), “The Spanish Colonial Mint at Potosì: A Comparative Look” (Brian Stickney), and “A Biography of Thomas Sparrow (V)” (Joseph Daragan). To subscribe, visit or call Emma Pratte at 212.571.4470 x117. 

Poster for "Making Mexico: The Imagery of Nation Building" with Dr. Peter Dunham
Upcoming “Money Talks” | Making Mexico
Join Peter Dunham on June 1 for Making Mexico: The Imagery of Nation-Building on Mexican Currency. Mexico, with its tumultuous history of political upheaval, offers an ideal laboratory in which to consider how the imagery on currency is used to help forge national identity. This lecture if offered at $30 for members and $50 for non-members. More…

The Summer Seminar Begins on June 3!
The Eric P. Newman Summer Seminar Class of 2019 has been finalized. The ANS will welcome a group of eight students from around the world, along with the Eric P. Newman Visiting Scholar Dr. Evangeline Markou of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. They will be a part of a longstanding tradition that has offered students the opportunity to work hands-on with one of the world’s preeminent numismatic collections since 1952. 

Upcoming “Money Talks” | Preparing your Numismatic Manuscript
Join ANS Director of Publication Andrew Reinhard for Preparing Your Numismatic Manuscript for Publication on June 22. Preparing a scholarly manuscript for publication can be daunting, and this workshop will walk you through the process. Topics will include style, formatting, bibliography and notes, preparing images for publication, image rights/permissions, academic plagiarism, peer review, the production schedule/timeline, open access, digital publication, and more. More….

Spring Issue of the ANS Magazine is Arriving Soon!
ANS Magazine is being printed and will ship to Members at the end of June. Features include “Dr. Samuel Mackenzie Elliott and the Abolitionists of Staten Island” (Peter van Alfen), “The Olcott Collection at Columbia University and the Didactic Importance of Ancient Coin Collections” (Lucia Carbone), “Is there a Santa Claus? The Story of Seleucid Coins Online” (Oliver Hoover), and “Thomas Elder’s Letters Confirm his Crotchety Reputation” (David Hill).


2019 Harry W. Fowler Memorial Lecture
On May 3, Dr. Michel Amandry gave the 2019 Harry W. Fowler Memorial Lecture: Renewing Coinage by Means of Overstriking: The Case of Hadrian’s Cistophori as a part of the Power of Money worshop. The Fowler Lecture was established in 1998 with a bequest from Mr. Fowler and additional gifts from the Fowler family. Dr. Amandry’s 2019 Fowler Lecture is now available to watch on the ANS Youtube Channel.

An Event to Honor Dr. William E. Metcalf
On Friday, May 3, the ANS honored Dr. William E. Metcalf, former ANS Chief Curator, with the presentation of a Festschrift published in his honor, Concordia Disciplinarum. Edited by Profs. Jane Evans and Nathan Elkins, with contributions by many of Metcalf’s students, colleagues, and friends, the volume is now available for purchase. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 11.41.59 AM
The Colts of Corinth Revisited: The 4th-2nd century BC Corinthian Coinage
On May 10 Dr. Lee Brice gave a talk on the mint at Corinth—despite having been one of the earliest Greek mints to strike its own silver coinage, it has remained imperfectly understood. The Colts of Corinth Revisited: The 4th-2nd century BC Corinthian Coinage is now available to watch on the ANS YouTube Channel

A Visit to Medalcraft
On May 22, Chief Curator Peter van Alfen along with ANS Fellow George Cuhaj visited Medalcraft Mint Inc. in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to take a survey of the 100-plus tons of Medallic Art Company (MACO) dies and hubs that the ANS purchased last year as part of the MACO archives acquisition. Medalcraft owner Jerry Moran has graciously allowed the ANS to store the dies at his facility while we determine our next steps with this important material.

The EAC Convention
Earlier this month, Deputy Director Gilles Bransbourg and Archivist & Librarian David Hill represented the ANS at the Early American Coppers Convention in Dayton, Ohio. The ANS was particularly pleased to be able to cohost an event at the convention honoring legendary large cent collector and researcher Del Bland. Mr. Hill spoke on Mr. Bland and his massive contribution to our knowledge of United States numismatics. More…

The International Numismatic Congress
On May 27 and 28 the annual meeting of the International Numismatic Council took place at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels to continue planning for the International Numismatic Congress that will take place in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2021. Among the Council members is ANS Executive Director Ute Wartenberg. Joining the Council were the editors and sub-editors, including ANS Chief Curator Peter van Alfen, of the Survey of Numismatic Research, which will be published in time for the 2021 Congress.

Digital Archaeology and Heritage
The University of Glasgow’s departments of Classics and Archaeology invited Andrew Reinhard, ANS Director of Publications, to give a series of lectures during the week of May 12 on digital archaeology and heritage, and Classical reception in video games. Other events included a screening of the documentary Atari: Game Over, in which Reinhard was the featured archaeologist at the excavation of the Atari Burial Ground in 2014. This was followed by a Q&A about the archaeology of the Anthropocene. His residency concluded with a daylong heritage “game jam” where he and students created, played, and discussed digital and board games focused on themes of history and antiquity.

The Power of Money
Assistant Curator of Roman Coins Dr. Lucia Carbone and Prof. John Ma (Columbia University) presented a workshop entitled The Power of Money. Coinage, Identity and Power in the Greek Provinces of the Roman East (May 2–4, 2019). With special guest Dr. Michel Amandry, the very well-received workshop focused on the interactions between identity, coinage, and economics in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. More…

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 1.54.45 PM
David Yoon at the International Congress on Medieval Studies
On Friday, May 10, theANS sponsored a session on medieval numismatics at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Associate Curator David Yoon presented a paper entitled A Re-consideration of the Merovingian-Type Coins from the Zorita Hoard. More…

The ANS Wishes Fritz Rudolf Künker a Happy Birthday
The American Numismatic Society and its many members wish Fritz Rudolf Künker many more happy and healthy years on his 70th birthday on May 21. As a supporter of museums, in particular the many German numismatic coin cabinets, he has done much to raise money for acquisitions and negotiate complicated transactions and thus helped extraordinary pieces enter into or return to the public domain. He and his son Ulrich work hard to bring museums, collectors and the trade together for the betterment of the field. Read Dr. Ute Wartenberg’s full congratulations.