March 2022 eNews

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Close up of the Behistun Inscription

Money Talks: Payment, Profit, or Prestige? The Political Economy of Achaemenid Coin Production, ca. 550–330 BCE. 

On Thursday, April 21 at 6:00 pm (5:30 reception) ANS Chief Curator Dr. Peter van Alfen will consider the various reasons that modern commentators suggest for the production of ancient coinage in general and Achaemenid royal coinage in particular. Drawing upon theoretical approaches in the fields of economics and political science, he will propose a framework for understanding the rationalities that lay behind ancient coin production beyond just state payments, especially those made for military purposes. This event will be held in-person and virtually. A link will be sent to all active members on the morning of the talk.Register to attend in person.

ANS Coins at the Getty Villa

Fourteen ANS coins will go on display as a part of the Persia: Ancient Iran and the Classical World exhibition at the Getty Villa, opening April 6. More…

Ute Wartenberg on The Forum podcast

ANS President and Research Curator Dr. Ute Wartenberg was a guest—along with William Goetzmann, professor of Finance and Management Studies at Yale University, and Christian de Pee, professor of History at the University of Michigan—on the BBC World Service’s program, The Forum, speaking on “Money: From Coin to Cryptocurrency.” Listen for free

ANS Lyceum: Numismatic Methods and Theories

This ANS Lyceum will introduce students to the key methods and theories used by numismatists in their study of coins, particularly those from the pre-modern period. This course will be co-taught by Chief Curator Peter van Alfen, Mark Salton Associate Curator of Medieval, Renaissance and Early European Numismatics David Yoon, Andrew M. Burnett Assistant Curator of Roman Numismatics Lucia Carbone and ANS Fellows Warren Esty and Paul Keyser.They will provide instruction on stylistic analysis, die studies, hoard studies, metallurgical analysis, metrology and weight standards, and statistical problems in numismatics. Registration is now closed.

Jesse Kraft at the Medal Collectors of America

ANS Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Dr. Jesse Kraft presented “MACO Die Shells: The Essential Stage Between Model and Medal” at the January 2022 meeting of the Medal Collectors of America. A video of his presentation is now available to watch.

ANS Magazine collage

ANS Magazine on the NNP

Back issues of the ANS Magazine are now available on the Newman Numismatic Portal! Recent virtual magazines from 2019 through today are a member benefit, but all past issues, from 2002-2018 can now be perused for free

Long Table banner—Hannah Cornwell

April Long Tables

Roman Historian Dr. Hannah Cornwell will speak on the values reflected on Roman coins in the 40s–30s BCE; Marina Fischer, Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary, will give us a tour of the Nickle Galleries at the University of Calgary; ANS Archivist and Librarian David Hill will take a look at ANS history through our archives; and ANS Fellow John Kraljevich will delve into the numismatic history of the US.

March in Review

The First Hybrid Money Talks

The first hybrid Money Talks took place on Thursday, March 24. Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Dr. Jesse Kraft welcomed members back to ANS headquarters, along with a large virtual audience, with Fips, Levies, Shillings, and Dollars: Language, Value, and the Circulation of Spanish-American Small Change in the Early United StatesWatch it on YouTube.

Group of presenters from the 2022 FLAME Conference

Framing the Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Economy Conference

Princeton University’s Program in the Ancient World hosted the 2022 Framing the Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Economy (FLAME) Conference on March 18–20, bringing together leading scholars on the late antique and early medieval economy. ANS Mark Salton Associate Curator of Medieval, Renaissance, and Early European Numismatics David Yoon and ANS Director of Data Science Ethan Gruber presented.

Educational Outreach

On March 9, Dr. Lucia Carbone was a guest lecturer for Dr. Irene Soto Marín’s University of Michigan graduate course in numismatics titled “The Impact of Roman dominion over the monetary system of the Eastern Provinces.” On March 29, Executive Director Dr. Gilles Bransbourg welcomed Associate Professor Elizabeth Mccaulay’s class from the City University of New York Graduate Center to the ANS headquarters, to speak on coins of the imperial women of the Severan dynasty.

Recent ANS Lyceum course wrapped up

On Wednesdays from February 9–March 16, 2022, ANS Vice President and Honorary Curator David Hendin presented an interactive series of lessons on Judean and Biblical numismatics.

March Long Tables

Long Tables are now being recorded! When the speaker(s) are amiable, our Friday discussions will now be uploaded to YouTube. Watch LT No. 82. Coins in Shakespeare with ANS Member Mike MarkowitzLT No. 83. The Mark & Lottie Salton Collection: Jewish Entrepreneurs and the Beginning of the German Coin Trade with Vicken Yegparian, Dr. Ursula Kampmann, Fabian Halbich, Alexandra Elflein-Schwier, and Ulrich KuenkerLT No. 84. An Introduction to the Function and Design of Medals with ANS Fellow Scott Miller, and LT No. 86 Femina Princeps’ and her Exceptional Numismatic Accolades with Dr. Tracene Harvey. Plus, a bonus Long Table from June 2021—LT No. 53 HELP! Unsolved Mysteries In My Collection with Dr. Ira Rezak.