The Medallic Art Company (MACO) was one of the longest-lasting and arguably most important private mints in the United States. It ceased operations in 2016 after 113 years in business. In 2018, the American Numismatic Society made the largest purchase in the history of our institution by acquiring the MACO archival remains and intellectual property rights. The ANS was fortunate to obtain 50,000 individual items including medals, dies, galvanos, photographic archives, and more.

MACO Specimen Archive

The MACO specimen archive is a collection of PDFs that lists nearly all medals produced by the Medallic Art Company between 1907 and 2013.

“First attested in English in 1578, the word medal is derived from the Middle French médaille, itself from Italian medaglia, and ultimately from the post-classical Latin medalia, meaning a coin worth half a denarius.” 

Photo Archives

The ANS was fortunate to obtain two photo archives from the Medallic Art Company: A collection of MACO medal winners and a documentation of the medallic production process inside the MACO facility in 1947-51.

The Future of MACO

Because of the sheer size of the MACO collection and archives, a clear and succinct plan is needed to move forward.