Long Table 128. New Medieval Coin Finds from the Area Of Phoinike in Southern Albania: Coin Usage and Storage in Times of Intense Political and Economic Pressure (1320s-1340s CE)

Friday, March 3
1:00 PM ET

Join Julian Baker of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford as he considers new numismatic data from southern Albania. Two hoards were discovered in recent years inside churches of the vicinity of the site of Phoinike. Internal information dates the hoards to the mid-1330s and mid-1340s respectively. In these years, multiple polities and groupings impacted the immediate area: the despots in Epiros of the Angelos Doukas and then Orsini dynasties; the Angevins of Naples and Taranto from their base in Corfu; the Byzantine Empire under the Palaiologan dynasty; the Serbian Empire under Stephen Dushan; the Albanian population—transhumant and rebellious; and Venetian merchants hoping to extract primary produce. Coin types, compositions, locations of the hoards invite particular interpretations.

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