Long Table 116. Form and Function: Revisiting the Serrated Bronzes of Seleukos IV

Friday, November 11
1:00 PM ET

During the reign of Hellenistic king Seleukos IV, the son of Antiokhos III, a particular set of serrated bronze coins, often called “bottlecap” coins by modern numismatists, began to be issued in certain regions of the Seleukid Empire. Often, the striking choice of serration has been explained as largely stylistic. PhD Candidate and 2022 ANS Summer Seminar student Eduardo García-Molina will reexamine the production of serrated bronzes under Seleukos IV. Beyond simply style, these serrated coins held a practical function and are indicative of a trend that began during the second century of Seleukid fiscal experimentation and increased monetization in Syria. Small change can often be indicative of big change.

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