Lectures Open to ANS Members 2007 ANS Eric P. Newman Graduate Seminar

Tuesday, June 5

9:00 History of Numismatics and Overview of Numismatic Publications (Meadows)

2:00 History of the ANS (Ciccone)

Wednesday, June 6

2:00 Stylistic Analysis (van Alfen)

Thursday, June 7

10:00 Archaic and Classical Greek Coinage (van Alfen)

2:00 Die Studies (Witschonke)

Friday, June 8

10:00 Hellenistic Coinages (Meadows)

Monday, June 11

10:00 Why Coinage? (van Alfen)

2:00 Roman Republican Coinage (Witschonke)

Tuesday, June 12

10:00 Roman Imperial and Provincial Coinage (Weisser)

1:00 Hoard Studies (Witschonke)

3:00 Coinage and the Ancient Economy (van Alfen)

Wednesday, June 13

10:00 Metrology and Weight Standards (Meadows)

1:00 Byzantine Coinage (Stolyarik)

3:00 Medieval Coinage (Hoge)

Thursday, June 14

1:00 Islamic Coinage (Bates)

3:00 Modern and American Coinage (Hoge)

Monday, June 18

10:00 Reflections of a U.S. Mint Chief Engraver (Elizabeth Jones)

2:00 Cistophoric Coinage (Witschonke)

Tuesday, June 19

2:00 Coin Grading and Cataloging (Witschonke)

3:30 Coin Forgery (Hoge)

Wednesday, June 20

10:00 The Coinage of Imperial Pergamum (Weisser)

2:00 19th & 20th c. Medals (van Alfen)

Monday, June 25

2:00 Regionalism in the Imperial Coinage of Asia Minor (Metcalf)

Tuesday, June 26

10:00 Diana on a New Aureus of Trajan (Damsky)

2:00 Renaissance Coin Collecting and the Origins of the Portrait Medal (Scher)

10:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm (WASHINGTON DC)
The UK Portable Antiquities Scheme (Bland)
[Please RSVP to Peter K. Tompa at pkt@dillingham-murphy.com or (202) 835-9880]

Wednesday, June 27

2:00 Money Before Machinery (Bates)

6:00 The UK Portable Antiquities Scheme (Bland)
[Please RSVP to Megan Fenselau at membership@numismatics.org or 212-571-4470 ext. 1311]

Thursday, June 28

2:00 Metalurgical Analysis (Keyser)

Monday, July 2

10:00 Iconography: Aesclepius and his Family (Weisser)

Tuesday, July 10

10:00 South Asian Coinage (Bhandare)

Wednesday, July 11

6:00 ‘Not Just a Pretty Face’: Interpretation of ‘Alexander Images’ on Coins from the Hellenic East (Bhandare)
[Please Register/RSVP to Megan Fenselau at membership@numismatics.orgor 212-571-4470 ext. 1311]

Thursday, July 12

2:00 Publishing Excavation Coins (Evans)

Friday, July 13

10:00 The RPC Project (Weisser)

Monday, July 16

10:00 Faustus’ Choice: A Lesson in the Construction of History from 56 BC (Yarrow)